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Spartina Townhomes

Located next to award-winning Lumina Station, Spartina has what everyone is looking for today: walkability.  Homeowners can walk to spas, coffee shops, restaurants, shops, fitness clubs, a grocery store, a hardware store, and much more.  Additionally, Spartina is only ½ mile from Wrightsville Beach – the island community with world-class beaches, marinas, restaurants, and shopping.

These luxury townhomes with remarkable floor plans are designed for comfort and style.  With the location of Spartina in mind, the desire was to create efficient, dynamic living spaces that referred to the classic, time-tested architecture of Wrightsville Beach, all set within a site that integrated the natural landscape.  Additionally, efforts were made to maximize efficiency in each home, while not compromising privacy, functionality, and elegance.  Each building was sculpted to both reflect a harmony across the entire project, while also creating distinctive space and scale for each individual home.

The exterior of the homes are clad in hardy materials which will fare well in a coastal environment and feature unique vernacular inspired details with a modern edge.  Each floor plan was developed with efficiency and functionality in mind, creating ample living spaces and flexible, intelligent storage and service areas.  Every unit features high ceilings and large windows to create dynamic interiors with plentiful natural light.  Private and common outdoor areas were also created in order to allow residents to fully enjoy their natural surroundings.

A sense of harmony with the natural environment describes the landscape in Spartina Townhomes @ Lumina Station.  The project has been designed to meet the strict standards of the cities “Exceptional Design” ordinance.  The use of pervious paving, rain-gardens, and infiltration swales combined with xeric plant species will create a hydrological system the filters runoff on-site and reduces the impact on natural hydrology of the area.   As the storm water runoff is conveyed along the swale system, the plantings will filter the runoff and help remove contaminants. This infiltration process reduces the amount of impact on nearby waterways.   The proposed system is a responsible, efficient way to manage storm water on-site, while creating a unique landscape for the enjoyment of the residents.

The proposed plant pallet of the project is designed to complement the architecture of the townhomes and create enjoyable outdoor spaces for residents. A consistent theme is used to establishing a cohesive feel throughout the community that compliments the architecture and proves a sense of harmony between the units and their surrounding spaces.  Aesthetically pleasing and vibrant plants are used to define and enhance individual and common spaces while evergreen shrubs will provide year round privacy to the rear patios and deck spaces.   Streets and sidewalks are planted with larger trees that will provide ample shade from summer sun.    A gentle mix of natives and ornamental shrubs in the foreground will provide color and texture to landscape.  The combination of all these features is designed to create enjoyable individual and community outdoor spaces for those calling Spartina at Lumina Station home.

There are two interior design options from which to choose: the “Coastal” and the “Urban”.  The Coastal is bright, cheerful, airy, and decompressing.  The Coastal interior finishes will give you a sense of timelessness while subtly reminding you how close you are to the beautiful NC Coast. Clean, bright white maple cabinetry, timeless absolute black granite, brushed nickel fixtures, warm coffee stained maple hardwoods and a color palette inspired by the sand, water and sky welcome you home.

The Urban is clean, sharp, modern, chic, and cool. The Urban interior finishes will give you a crisp, uncluttered style while still feeling warm and inviting after a long day.  Espresso stained maple cabinetry, warm crema valentina stone, brushed nickel fixtures, light maple hardwoods, and warm neutral tones invite you right in.

This is a limited opportunity for the homeowner that values location, convenience, comfort, and style. 

Community Specialist

Heather Archer
Direct: 910-239-1857
Email: harcher@intracoastalrealty.com