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The Name Says It All

This is it. This is your beach retreat for life, whether you’re just starting out or winding down. Steeped in nostalgia, living on this island is a lot like revisiting the beach that you vacationed at as a kid, preserved in your memory and manifested as Pleasure Island. Just 12 miles south of Wilmington, NC and over Snow’s Cut Bridge with two beautiful beaches to choose from, it’s easy to see how Pleasure Island earned its name.

There’s a little bit of everything in Pleasure Island. From enjoying the outdoors via beachgoing, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, golfing (and more) to shopping, perusing through town and fun events that roll out all year long, there’s always something to do. Or, if you’re not feeling so energized, no one will think of less of you for lounging in a chair on the beach all day.

If you’re looking for the quintessential beach life, you’ll find it at Pleasure Island.

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Down at the Boardwalk

Pleasant Island is home to two beaches: Carolina Beach, a bustling hub of activity, and Kure Beach, quiet and uncrowded, so residents get the best of both worlds.

Carolina Beach

Take a trip to Carolina Beach for the renowned boardwalk, dubbed one of America’s Most Awesome Boardwalks by CNN, for some world famous donuts at Britt’s Donuts, the 1950s-authentic, Americana amusement park or just to take in the walk’s new facelift.

Carolina Beach is host to a plethora of fishing opportunities via numerous fishing charters and additional pier fishing, surf and shore fishing, and various fishing tournaments. Water sports enthusiasts are guaranteed to get their fill of the blue with plenty of opportunities to get out on the water with several marinas, dock slips and boat rentals.

With the allure of the beach, sometimes it’s easy to forget the diverse ecological settings that beach towns often possess. Take in nature’s immense beauty at the Carolina Beach State Park, where campers, fishers, hikers, bicyclists, etc. can choose from an abundance of trails and as many as 83 campsites to get away from city life for a spell. Due to its unique environment, the state park is home to various unique species of birds, like bald eagles, and carnivorous plants, such as the unusual Venus flytrap.

Kure Beach

If you’re looking for a break from bustling Carolina Beach, Kure Beach is your prime destination. Take a quick escape (or a more permanent one) to laidback Kure Beach for its open, uncrowded beach and slow, easy pace. Quaint and charming, this peaceful town offers all the tranquility you need, but without feeling like you’re out in the middle of nowhere. Only a few minutes’ drive from Carolina Beach, residents in Kure can still enjoy all the action of their neighboring city.

Of course, Kure Beach isn’t without its own recreation, though the area is mostly residential and populated by oceanfront condos, cottages and homes. However, the town hosts annual fishing tournaments, has ample outdoor activities to offer and is dotted with local “mom-and-pop” shops throughout for good eats and good shopping. It also features the oldest fishing piers on the East Coast, built in 1923, which is 711 feet long and, most importantly, open to the public for all the fishing your heart desires.

A Chapter in History

Pleasure Island has more to offer than lovely beaches and recreation, the area offers up its own little slice of history. Further south from Kure Beach resides Fort Fisher, a restored Civil War-era fort and one of the largest sand and earth fortifications built by the Confederacy. Residents and visitors can become acquainted with this remarkable structure, and the history behind it, with a stroll through the Fort Fisher Historic Museum.

The surrounding area is also host to several other unique, educational experiences that history buffs and animal enthusiasts are sure to appreciate. Take a peek at the history that resides right under our feet at the NC Underwater Archaeology Museum. Head to the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area for 4 miles of undeveloped beach open for camping, swimming and boating — as well as a chance to observe endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Plus, learn even more about the aquatic life that you may be sharing a habitat with at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

Also located at Fort Fisher is a ferry that takes passengers to the beautiful coastal town of Southport.

Education and Industry

Not only is there plenty to do in Pleasure Island, but the lifestyle is promising. The area is rapidly expanding and attracting more industry and commerce all the time. It serves as another advantage that the area is located only 30 minutes away from Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, offering a variety of employment opportunities and an auspicious economy.

Classified as being part of New Hanover County, parents can rest assured that their children have access to some of the area’s best schools. For Pleasure Island residents, students will most likely attend Carolina Beach Elementary School, Charles P. Murray Middle School and Eugene Ashley High School.

Pleasure Island NC Real Estate

The whole of Pleasure Island offers various housing options, all settled in among the scenic beauty the island has to offer. Choose from pleasant cottages ideal for single families or couples to large, multi-family homes, all offering a distinct view your visitors will be sure to envy. Choose from oceanfront, ocean view or ocean dunes to peaceful subdivisions and even your own plot of land for the home you’ve always envisioned.

It’s time to love where you live again. Contact Us today for more information about Pleasure Island NC real estate.