#ShineOnLocal | Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods

Rise and shine with a FREE small hot or iced drip coffee at Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods on Friday, June 25, 9 am – 11 am. Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods is a cozy coffee spot in downtown Wilmington. Not only do they serve Counter Culture Coffee based out of Durham, NC they also sell a variety of beers, wines, and tasty bites to compliment your beverage of choice.

We got to catch up with Bespoke Assistant Manager and Events Coordinator Julia Rothenberger to learn how this unique coffee spot got started and hear some of her recommendations when you get the chance to pop in for a fresh brew.

What is the owners/founders of Bespoke background?

Julia Rothenberger: Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods was founded by Chris Batten who was born and raised in Wilmington. From an early age, Chris was working for local surf shops where he was able to learn about management and merchandising while receiving mentorship. Later he ventured out to open his first restaurant downtown with his brother but eventually returned to the surf industry some years later. Chris conceptualized and ran his own surf shop called Annex Surf Supply which featured a small coffee and pour over bar. The Annex really showcased brand storytelling in a unique way and was distinguished in its field being voted one of the top 25 surf boutiques in the country. When he stepped down from there, he went back towards downtown Wilmington to open Bespoke in 2015!

What inspired Chris to open Bepsoke Coffee & Dry Goods?

Julia Rothenberger: Bespoke really started out as a branding experiment in visuals and vibe that the owner Chris mashed together through incorporating his own personal style with his years of travel. The mission within opening a coffee shop downtown was always to serve that community and provide a space where anyone could feel welcomed. The customer foundation is evidently strong from the past 6 years of organic growth. Apart from Bespoke, Chris is also the Creative Director for one of the largest vertical cannabis brands on the east coast and is in the process of opening a new healthy grab-n-go grocery concept at Wrightsville Beach that will be heavily anchored in branding and marketing visuals as well.

What makes Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods so unique?

Julia Rothenberger: The definition of Bespoke is a custom-made craft good. We not only strive to deliver a product that is unique and enjoyable, but also to create a distinct and memorable environment. Bespoke is unique because of the people that fill it! We focus on allowing our customers to feel accepted as they are.

What drink would you recommend for anyone new to Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods?

Julia Rothenberger: I would recommend one of our seasonal lattes (we serve Counter Culture beans) or one of our Reshi teas! We have an excellent tea menu (hot or iced) and have really enjoyed working alongside Reshi to pick out some unique blends. 

What’s your favorite drink?

Julia Rothenberger: One of my favorite drinks that we offer is an Orange and Vanilla Espresso Tonic! Using Fever Tree tonic water is the key… if you are a fan of sparkling water- give it a try! I also love a good Honey and Oat milk iced Latte on a summer afternoon.

What’s one of the wildest drinks you’ve seen ordered?

Julia Rothenberger: We get some crazy requests….but the wildest might have to be an orange juice with espresso in it.

What’s your favorite part about living in the Wilmington area?

Julia Rothenberger: One of my favorite parts about being in Wilmington would be the community. I’ve heard someone say before that Wilmington feels like a really big small town!

Those new to Wilmington, what’s something they must do or try?

Julia Rothenberger: I’d recommend walking along the Riverwalk downtown to discover new shops/restaurants or to walk down 2nd or 3rd street to view some beautiful historic homes and gardens!

Shine On Local Event Details:

Pop into Bespoke Coffee & Dry Goods located at 202 Princess Street Wilmington, NC 28401 from 9 am – 11 am on Friday, June 25 for a FREE small hot or iced drip coffee compliments of Intracoastal Realty. Make sure to follow @intracoastalrealty and @bespokecoffeenc on Instagram and use the hashtag #ShineOnLocal when you visit.

*Limited to one free small coffee per person