Sands of Time: The Project that Helped Spawn Intracoastal Realty

Jim Wallace founded Intracoastal Realty in 1976. This blog series will provide stories and anecdotes from significant events in Intracoastal Realty’s past.

Here is the story, in Jim’s own words, about his role as an on-site sales agent that caused Jim to fall in love with the area and create the firm known as Intracoastal Realty.

“I had just moved here from Atlanta in May of 1976 to be on the on-site sales agent for Station One – the oceanfront condominiums on Wrightsville Beach.

There were 88 Units; only 6 had been sold to date.  The huge parking lot was empty and stark, so we asked local merchants and others to park there (you might say we staged the parking lot). It made it look like something was going on.

It went well to say the least… the entire development was sold out by November 15th of that year.  I remember writing 3 contracts in one day. It was crazy.

I had intended to move back to Atlanta after I completed the sell-out, but I had been walking on the beach everyday after work, swimming and having a great time, and thought if I could get a boat someday this would be great spot to live.

Well it was and is, and I have never left. It was at this point in the Fall of 1976 that I decided to create my own real estate firm called Intracoastal Realty.”

Jim Wallace, Founder and CEO of Intracoastal Realty

Below is an ad that ran in the Star News on Sunday, July 4, 1976. Check out the prices! It is mind blowing to see what the prices were then compared to now. By the way, the ad won an award for the Atlanta firm that conceived it. You can also click here to download a PDF of the ad.

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