Pleasure Island News and Updates

Have coffee with Kure Beach Mayor Lambeth on Saturdays from 9:00am to 11:00am and discuss any topic you like.  Meetings held at Kure Beach Town Hall.

Smoking Law in effect as of January 2nd there is no smoking in bars or restaurants.  You can now feel free to take a deep breath while eating dinner.

There has been a big gain in existing home sales as buyers respond to tax credit – especially with the extension of the tax credit until April and also the $6500 tax credit to existing home owners.

The Pleasure Island office had 8 new listings and 4 under contract last week.

The weather remains cold through Tuesday and then we should see temperatures in the 50’s.  That will feel warm compared to what we’ve been feeling.

Pleasure Island is always a great place to come and visit even when it is cold – there are plenty of great restaurants and places to shop.

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