Mystery Agent June 25, 2012

Intracoastal Realty Mystery Agent

Each week at our sales meeting we have a “Mystery Agent.” This gives us a chance to learn more about one of our colleagues that we may not have known otherwise.

  • Started golfing at age 10.
  • Played varsity golf in HS, but got her letter in Volleyball (which she didn’t play).
  • Am a twin…has twins.
  • Had 4 college majors and went to four separate colleges.
  • Moved 25 times in her life.
  • Son’s first Christmas was on a submarine in New London, CT.
  • Twin daughters were born in Colorado.
  • Climbed the Great Wall and drank Beck’s beer in Bremen, Germany.
  • Has two degrees from UW-Madison.
  • Was a counseling professional for 21 years.

Can you guess who the Mystery Agent is?

Becky Lothe Intracoastal Realty

Click on the photo for more info about our Mystery Agent Becky Lothe.