Kindred Spirit Mailbox – “A Message For You…”

Kindred Spirits are those who share beliefs, attitudes, feelings, similar experiences, or make a special connection.  This special connection is shared by people from all over the world. A bond Kindred-Spirit-Sunset-Beachformed as a result of the Kindred Spirit mailbox.  It is a story of mystery and spiritual awakening.  The Kindred Spirit mailbox has become a popular destination for many visitors to Sunset Beach, NC.  No one knows who first placed the mailbox there more than 30 years ago, although they left this note: “Twenty seven years ago I walked the tide line of Bird Island.  In the distance – right on the low tide line – I saw the silhouette of a rural mailbox.  However, I never could reach it – for it was a mirage.  The very next weekend, I “planted” the original Kindred Spirit mailbox”.

On the uninhabited state preserve of Bird Island now one with Sunset Beach, the mailbox resides among the dunes more than a mile past the last public beach access on Sunset Beach. Visitors can sit on a nearby bench and write their own personal message inside the mailbox’s journal.  People pen thoughts, dreams, hopes, bits of wisdom, deepest secrets, and words of grief.  It has become a place of solace and introspect with entries from new and returning visitors.

Messages can also be mailed to an associated P O Box where they are held with “love, honor, and respect by Kindred Spirit”.  Full journals and worldwide messages are archived in the Randall Library at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington for anyone to view.  The Kindred Spirit also has its own website and many of the personal thoughts and hopes left in the mailbox are now published on the site.

Plan a visit. Feel the sand under your feet, listen to the waves, browse through the journals and letters, and take time to pen your own note.  The mail box is waiting for you to become a Kindred Spirit.

Submitted by: Karen Gaspar
Ocean Isle Beach
119 Causeway Drive
Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

Karen Gaspar - Sunset Beach

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