House Hunting Tips

House hunting can be an exhausting task. Touring all of the available properties can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first time home buyers. Let us offer some suggestions on your home search.

1. Write a list of the must haves. These are features in the new home that you consider non-negotiable and you can’t live without.

2. Make a wish list of the things that would be nice. For example, a garage or hardwood floors. Realize that these are the items that you want, not need and these may be things that could be added after you move in.

3. Deal-breakers. These are the things you really don’t want. Examples include a neighborhood without sidewalks, a longer commute to work, or busy streets. These are often things that can’t be changed.

By giving your agent these ideas, you can work together to narrow down the search. Realize that your ideas may change as time goes by, but knowing what you can and can’t live without in a home will increase your chances of buying property that’s just right for YOU.

Which brings up another point- when touring homes for sale, outside opinions could muddy the waters. If your mom, uncle, or friend decides to join you on the search, make sure they don’t sway you in another direction. This is when your list will come in handy to remind you of what YOU want, not what your mom, uncle, or friend may want.

Last but not least, choose a good agent. Before looking at that first home, your agent should go over the complete process, how they operate, and what they charge. They should also get a good understanding of your “needs, wants, and wishes.” It’s also necessary that your agent is licensed by the state and have the transaction experience and confidence to negotiate effectively in a competitive market. A good agent also acts as a “guardian angel,” protecting you in the transaction and welcoming questions about the area or the process. A good agent shouldn’t push anything on you. Your agent is an important part of the searching process; Intracoastal agents make sure your experience is nothing less than exceptional.

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