Fresh Holiday Decorating Tips

‘Tis the season, everybody! We know this may be a little premature, but we also know that there’s no way you don’t already have the holidays in the back your mind. Admit it! So, among the many to-do lists you’re probably juggling — gift shopping, preparing for guests, dinner menus — we wanted to add a little relief with some fresh, decorating tips. We know how it is. Year after year, our merry and bright decorative garb starts to look a little less so. If you know the feeling, then hopefully these tips can help to add some fresh cheer as you deck the halls this season.

Freshen Up Your Door

Let’s start with the place that will first greet you and any guests into your home this holiday season: your door. If you’ve grown tired of your poor, old wreath that has had to brave the cold weather all these years, it might be time to swap it out. Try a wreath made from ornaments, or use some white spray paint (with maybe a touch of silver) to dress up your old wreath in a frosty new look. Craving a little sparkle? Whip up this simple and sparkly wreath made from gold ribbon for a look that’s eye catching and festive! Or, if you’re in the mood for something that’s classic and elegant, you could try your hand at this blue spruce wreath trio.

Freshen Up Your Mantel

To add some renewed cheer to your mantel, try adding pops of color by dangling classic candy canes from festive green and red ribbon. Looking for a way to add some country charm to those stockings hung by the chimney with care? Try hanging them on a clothesline made from hearty twine and jumbo clothes pins (depending on the size of your stockings). This can be a particularly charming idea, especially if you don’t have a fireplace or mantel! Swap out your old stockings for those with cozy patterns like plaid, stripes or fair isle to add even more charm. You can also add some extra coziness by hanging mittens instead of or intermingled with stockings.

Freshen Up Your Tree

For a lot of us, our trees are a mish-mash of ornaments that we have accrued throughout the years. If you’re looking for a way to really switch up your tree game this year, opt for … a theme. A couple of our favorite themes we’ve seen include include stunning floral-themed trees, which are the epitome of “merry and bright.” Or, another super snug idea is a cookie cutter or gingerbread man themed tree. Or a combination of both! There are literally scads of ways to dress up cookie cutters with patterned paper, ribbons or paint, so this could be a really good option if you want to set up a craft day with the kids. If you’re a fan of vintage trinkets, you could also create a small tree adorned with pretty teacups, vintage spoons and china. Another great way to add a vintage vibe to your tree is by decorating it with family photos. Choose small silver or gold frame ornaments (or a mixture of both) and add some black and white photos of family, friends, homes, pets and more for a tree that’s brimming with sweet memories and nostalgia.

Hint: If you’ve got little ones in the house, there’s a good chance they’ll still want their nostalgic ornaments on the tree, so try getting a little tree just for them that they can decorate in all their old favorites!

Freshen Up Your Tree Topper

You’re probably pretty well aware of the classic tree toppers of angels or stars, but what about Santa hats? Not only is this an absolutely adorable new option, but, chances are, you probably already have a Santa hat somewhere! You also don’t have to fiddle with it until it sits juuust right. Just plop the hat on top, and you’re good to go. Other tree toppers we’ve had our eyes on are big, festive bows, birdhouses (which are perfect for a more rustic, natural themed tree), monogrammed tree toppers and treehoppers that the kids can make, like this cute snowflake.

Freshen Up Your Gift Wrapping

Now that you’ve got some new ideas for your tree, you can turn your attention to what’s underneath it. Make your tree look even more gorgeous with some new gift wrapping techniques to make those presents pop. Try out a classic candy cane/peppermint theme with an assortment of red and white striped and solid papers and ribbons for a look that’s bright and cheerful, while being super easy to achieve. You could also try choosing a color theme, like gold, and have an assortment of various gold patterned, solid, metallic, and matte papers, ribbons and bows for another simple statement. Looking for more of a “handmade” feel? Purchase a roll of solid paper from a craft store, grab some holiday-themed stamps and voíla! You have your own handmade holiday wrapping.

There are lots and lots of ways to freshen up your holiday decorations, so we hope this was a good start to get those holiday juices a-flowing. Happy holidays!

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