Featured Listing Friday: 305 S. Front Street

Tour the true jewel of the Wilmington Historic District in this week’s Featured Listing Friday listed by Jimmy Hopkins.  The finest example of Second Empire in the area is sure to wow you.  Join us for a tour of 305 S. Front Street in the heart of downtown Wilmington, NC.

Q: What distinctive features set this home apart?
A: It’s the finest example of Italianate second empire architecture in Wilmington

Q: Can you describe the architectural style of the home?
A: Italianate Second Empire
Q: What are the advantages of the location and neighborhood?
A: In the heart of the Historic District.  Easy walk to Downtown shopping, dining, theatre and nightlife
Q: Does the community have any amenities we should know about?
A: In the Historic District
Q: What makes the price of this home so great?
A: Great investment who wants to operate an income producing B&B or someone who wants to live in a mansion in the historic district.
Q: Can you tell us a fun fact about this home?

A: There is a secret room that only the current owner knows the location of.

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