Do You Believe in Ghosts?

2010-10-GhostsSince we are nearing the spooky time of year we thought it would be a fun time to share the scariest houses around. recently shared an article, “America’s Most Haunted Homes” that showcased the 10 scariest homes in the US and an estimate on what each house is worth. But what can a haunting do to the value of a home? According to Stan Humphries, Chief Economist at, it’s a toss up. “Whether it helps or hurts a home’s appeal is largely a function of the nature of the haunting,” he says, noting that there is very little empirical data on this question. “Of course,” he says, “for a particularly macabre buyer, a house that is haunted might fetch a higher price. In real estate as in all things, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.”

Our area has been known for its own haunted spaces as well. Wilmington is an old port city, incorporated centuries ago, with a rich paranormal history. Tourists and locals alike keep the downtown Ghost Walk Tours busy year round. A guided tour of downtown Wilmington exposes several buildings and graveyards where sightings, tapping on the walls, phantom footsteps, and ghastly screams are all very common. If you aren’t scared investigate these haunted tales from the Cape Fear!! Or better yet, take a tour and see these ghosts for yourself……..

Ghost at Thalian Hall – Dead actors haunt the stage

Ghosts of the Prairie- Haunted Wilmington

Haunted Wilmington

The Haunting of Battleship North Carolina

The Maco Light

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