7 Foolproof Signs It’s Time to Sell

Sometimes the answer is staring you right in the face. It might be time to sell if you just got a new job on the other side of the country, or if you know it’s only a matter of time before your family outgrows the one-story, two-bedroom house you’re living in. Other times though, it can be hard to find that catalyst that really drives you to list your home. If you’re mulling over the possibility of selling your house, but can’t nail down a specific reason, check out these signs to sell.

1. You need to size up (or size down).

Whether your family is building up or emptying out, one of the first reasons that might help you decide whether it’s time to move is: space. Do you need more of it or less of it? On the one hand, if you need some extra breathing room, it’s possible that you could always finish a spare room, garage, basement or attic, or just build off of what you have, but you need to make sure that it will eventually pay off. If you’d be pushing the value of your house way out of the market compared with your neighbors, then you’d be better off just moving on up into a different neighborhood. Plus, you might run into some barriers if you decide to throw up some extra walls in the form of building or neighborhood regulations.

And, if you have too much space, well, then, you just have too much space. Save yourself the hassle of maintaining and paying for a home that’s too big for you, and maybe opt for a little bungalow in an especially desired area that you’ve always wanted to live in.

2. You need a change of scenery.

Neighborhoods change, for better or for worse. Maybe there’s a been more development than you would’ve like nearby or you’re tired of dealing with your HOA or you just want some extra yards of space between you and your neighbor’s windows. If you aren’t crazy about your neighborhood or the surrounding area anymore, it’s time to start seriously considering a move, especially if you’re worried about the effect it will have on the value of your home. That’s not really a matter of opinion either. If you’re wondering about how the value of your house is holding up, you can check with a Realtor® or local agent to get the facts. If your value’s going to dip, it’s also time for you to dip.

3. There’s no point in remodeling.

This is similar to deciding whether or not you should expand. If you’re just wanting to upgrade your home in general with some renovations, instead of upgrading the size, it’s not a bad idea to touch base with a Realtor® or local agent first. They can run comps on the neighborhood to see if renovations would price you out of the neighborhood. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve got the nicest house on the block if your neighborhood doesn’t support the higher price tag you’re liable to have for buyers. If you’ve got major renovations in mind, you want to make sure you get some return on your investment. If not, it’s time to start looking for a house that maybe has those features already built in.

4. You can afford to sell your house (and move).

This sounds a bit like an oxymoron, but it costs money to sell a house. If you’ve got any repairs, painting or carpet-replacing to do, you’re going to have to do that before you even put your house on the market. Now, you could try to factor in the fact that certain repairs need to be done with strategizing your asking price and “cushion” for them there, but, keep in mind, you’re going to automatically be pushing a certain percentage of buyers away. There are many buyers out there who really don’t want to have to run through a whole laundry list of things they need to take care of right after moving and, perhaps more importantly, they still may end up asking you to foot the bill come inspection time. If your inspection yields a list of necessary repairs, you’re probably going to end up paying by either dropping your asking price even further or paying for them yourself. Not to mention, you also need to be able to actually afford the move, which, depending on how far you’ve got to go and how much stuff you have, can become pretty expensive in and of itself.

5. You’ve got the equity you need for a profit.

This is extremely important. If you don’t have the equity to back your selling your house, be prepared to take a loss. To quickly calculate your equity, you need to know how much you still owe on your mortgage and the value of your home. If the value of your home is greater than how much you owe on your mortgage, you’re in good shape. The bigger the number, the greater your resulting profit will be. (Don’t forget: It needs to be enough to cover the cost of buying your new home!) If that number is tiny or even in the negative, then you’re not really in a great position to sell and should seriously consider sitting out this season until the market improves, the value of your home improves or you owe less on your home.

6. The markets are stacked in your favor.

This is kind of tricky. Ordinarily, you’d be looking for a seller’s market, so a high demand for homes with a smaller inventory actually available. You’re likely to get the best price for you home. However, you’re also likely to be an active buyer too, so if you sell in a seller’s market, you might end up buying in a seller’s market too. It really just depends on what the market looks like where you selling and where you’re buying. On the other hand, if you sell in a buyer’s market, you’ll be buying in a buyer’s market, so it all kind of equals out in the end. However, knowing the health of the market beforehand helps to determine what your asking price should be, which sets you up for future negotiations and offers, which eventually determines how much you’re going to your new home with, so, it’s still important to know.

7. You’re ready to move on.

Let’s not forget: moving out of your home, especially one that you may have raised your children in or was the first home you and your partner bought together, can be emotional. Are you ready to actually let go? In plenty of instances, there are assuredly homeowners muttering “good riddance” under their breath. But there are lots of others who might need a little more time to linger. Bottom line: don’t rush. Especially, if you’re getting ready to leave a home you love. However, if you know that moving could become imminent in the near future, it might be time to start heeding the advice above and preparing yourself for that first, big step.

If you need help getting ready to take that first step, you can find it here. Just drop us a line at info@intracoastalrealty.com or call us at 1-800-533-1840, and we can make sure you have an amazing agent at your side.

Should I Sell or Rent My House?


It’s a scenario most often experienced by those who are in the midst of relocating — should I sell my house or rent it? There are multiple factors that come into play here, and before you decide on anything, here are five questions you should ask yourself first:

How much equity do I have?

The amount of equity holds some major bearings on which path you should choose right from the get-go. For instance, if you have little to no equity (only a few thousand dollars or less), renting can help you build more equity until you have enough money to cover selling costs (more on that below). Selling your home when you have only a very small amount of equity depends on your available cash to bring to settlement. No cash typically means a short sale or foreclosure, which may or may not be a viable option depending on your situation.

Additionally, you should take into consideration the rate at which your home is building equity. If your home is appreciating quickly, it might be better to hold on to that property for as long as the trend continues, if you can continue to cover the costs of owning while renting.

Is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market?

Obviously, if you’re living in a seller’s market, then selling your home might be the better option because you’ll be more likely to get the most for your home, whereas selling in a buyer’s market typically means settling for less. But that’s not the only thing you need to take into consideration. You have to keep in mind that:

  1. You’re focusing on local trends, not statewide or nationwide trends, and
  2. Your ability to sell your home for a profit depends on individual home values in your immediate area.

It’s never a bad idea to contact a local realtor to discuss market trends and run some comps (comparables) to determine what the average value of homes in your neighborhood are going for. They’ll be able to provide you with an accurate depiction of what the local market is doing presently, what it’s done in the past, and what it’s most likely to do in the future, carving out a much clearer picture of how your house will do on the market. If it happens to be that you’re in a buyer’s market and might have a hard time selling (or already know you will through experience), renting can be a logical solution to help cover any remaining mortgage payments or save up for selling costs again while you’re stuck in limbo.

Is the rental market in good health?

Rent is also subject to market trends. If you’re asking for more than most are willing to pay, you’ll be hard pressed to find tenants, which will become one of your number one priorities if you decide to rent your home. So, if rent values for properties similar to your home are too low to cover your mortgage payments, then renting may not be the best choice, unless you’re willing to make up the difference. You also have to pay attention to demand. How long does it take similar properties to find qualified renters? Are rental properties quickly snatched up? Or do they linger? Are you confident in your ability to cover costs if rent doesn’t get paid or if tenants have to leave unexpectedly?

Which costs can I afford?

There are costs associated with both selling and renting your home. The big question is, which costs are most affordable for you? There are, as we mentioned before, selling costs that you need to consider: real estate commissions for your selling agent, any home warranty or bonus offers made in conjunction with the sale of the house, transfer taxes, cost of repairs required by inspections, title search fees, capital gain tax and more.

On the flip side, managing a rental property will require money for any repairs or maintenance or, if you decide to use a property management association to take care of all of the maintenance and billing for you, money for fees and services. Money received in rent is usually considered additional income as well, which means additional taxes. There are tax deductions for rental income. For instance, certain repairs, operating expenses, property depreciation or property taxes may be deductible, but it’s best to discuss which deductions you’ll actually be eligible for with an accountant, rather than hoping the deductions will be worth the increased taxes.

Do I want to be a landlord?

Finally, you need to ask yourself if you really and truly can handle being a landlord, as this comes with a whole host of responsibilities that require money and time. First, you need to find tenants that are trustworthy and likely to pay their rent on time, which may require background checks, credit checks and other verification. Even with these measures, tenants may still be late with rent or miss payments altogether. As the landlord, however, you’ll be responsible to pick up the pieces, wherever they may fall, so if your property is damaged, it’s up to you to fix it. If your tenant turns out to be unreliable, it’s up to you to find another. If you’re doing this on your own, this is a serious investment in time. If you’re working with a property management group, you’ll still have to be available for any issues that may arise with your property, as most management groups require the landlord’s permission in many incidents.

Asking yourself these questions can help prepare you for either option you choose. However, if you still need some help, contact us at info@intracoastalrealty.com, or give us a call at 1-800-533-1840. Whether you need help selling your home or managing your soon-to-be rental property, we’re here to lend a hand.

Top 6 Reasons to Buy a Home in Leland, NC

With some of the most beautiful and accessible beaches in the nation, it’s no wonder that the North Carolina coast is so appealing as a destination, whether for vacationing, retiring or living. Among all the beach towns that NC has to offer, from quaint to urban, there are a few hidden gems that are on the rise — Leland NC, and nearby neighbor Belville NC, being two such towns.

So if coastal living is on your mind, read on to learn why Leland NC or Belville NC may be just the town you’re looking for, starting with what may very well be the driving factor behind your search: the beach.

The Beach? More Like: Beaches

While Leland and Belville don’t run right up to the coast like neighboring North Carolina beach towns, they are in a prime location for quick access to several beautiful beaches, each featuring their own unique atmosphere, whether you’re looking for a peaceful retreat or a beach humming with people. Locals have their pick of the very best beaches that the area has to offer, being an average of 30 to 40 minutes away from Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, Caswell Beach, Oak Island, Holden Beach and Ocean Isle. And that doesn’t even include the beaches that are a little farther off the beaten path, such as Bald Head Island or Sunset Beach, both of which are only an hour or so away. No matter what your motivation for moving closer to the shore, the beach is normally a prime factor — and who can blame you? Had a rough day at work? Within 30 minutes you can be burying your toes in the sand, letting the ocean ebb away your stress.

Parks to Play in

Leland NC is home to several large parks, most of which are equipped with paved paths, picnic areas, playgrounds and more, so area residents are within close proximity to scenic paths for running, walking or biking, in addition to picturesque settings for family outings or children’s play.

Included among Leland’s parks is the Leland Community Garden, where locals can grow their own veggies to be donated to a local food pantry. Leland’s Sturgeon Creek Park, comprised of 27 acres of wetlands and 1.2 acres of uplands, offers locals water access for kayaking, canoeing, boating and fishing. The Westgate Nature Park in Leland NC, as implied by the name, offers an enormous natural landscape of nearly 150 acres of wetlands and uplands and features trails for hiking and biking, an outdoor classroom, nature-inspired playground, picnic area and more.

Golf, Fishing, and the Great Outdoors

Golfers can take refuge in Leland’s two, superb golf courses, comprised of Magnolia Greens and Cape Fear National, the latter of which has been the recipient of multiple awards throughout the years. A third golf course is also set to open in 2016, within the newly developed Compass Pointe resort-style housing community.

While Leland and Belville offer a few fishing holes of its own, fishers can flock to nearby Wilmington NC for all the fishing charters and fishing spots they could possibly desire — only a mere 15 minutes from home. And for those hoping to take to the water in pursuit of paddling, there are also a vast number of kayak, canoe and paddleboard rentals located within Wilmington as well, offering equipment rentals, in addition to classes and guided tours. Carolina Paddleboard Company, Mahaneim Adventures, Paddle NC, Cape Fear River Adventures, and Hook, Line and Paddle are just a few such companies.

A Community on the Rise

The current population of Leland NC sits at 18,000, but is projected to rise to 30,000 within just four more years and 60,000 within another 14 years. The town has hired a new economic development director and is in the process of carrying out multiple plans for development,  including those for new housing, retail and other commercial spaces.

In conjunction with Leland’s projected business growth, the town is rapidly expanding its housing with the creation of housing communities ranging from housing ideal for budding families, such as in The Willows, to the environmentally conscious neighborhoods within the Brunswick Forest community, to the luxurious accommodations of Compass Pointe and more.

Plans also include the development of three to four apartment complexes to be completed over the next two years, resulting in approximately 1,000 apartments to be added.

Educational Opportunities

Brunswick County, the county that encompasses Leland and Belville, is comprised of 20 public, K-12 schools, and includes higher education opportunities for high school graduates, or those seeking continuing education.

Just over the bridge is the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, as well as Cape Fear Community College, which has gained regional and national recognition for its technical programs. Closer to home is Brunswick Community College, which has gained statewide recognition for its two-year programs.

Secluded Location, Within Close Proximity

One of the most advantageous perks to living in Leland NC or Belville NC, though perhaps not the most widely recognized, are their locations. Their close proximity to other beach towns, such as Wilmington, ensures that residents have access to the amenities, entertainment and buzz sought after in more urban areas, without actually immersing residents in the racket. The Leland/Belville area has a remote feel, without actually being so, and still enjoys the close range to the beach without being directly on its sandy shores — which can also help to decrease the cost of living that beach residents experience.

With Leland’s plans for expansion, combined with its existing charm and perks, this destination will likely become a prime destination for new residents considering one of North Carolina’s many beach towns. Don’t miss out! Contact us today to learn more about houses for sale in Leland NC and Belville NC.

2011 Award Winners

Intracoastal Realty Logo

2011 Sales Awards

Congratulations to an Exceptional team of real estate agents!




Top Producer Club

These agents have obtained 2 of the following 3 criteria: Income over $75,000, 20 Units, or Volume of $5 Million



Debbie Mitchell              Vance Young                    Keith Beatty                  Michelle Clark




Angie Pool                   Sandra McNeil                   Mark Bodford              Jimmy Hopkins




Bobby Brandon           Joyce Barnwell                Alicia Devereaux           Lee Crouch




Paula Ferebee            Eva Elmore               Sandy Ledbetter               Bob McCorkle



John Hamilton           J.B. Fox III                 Cindy Southerland              Ashley Garner




April McDavid                  Susan Lacy               Elizabeth King                   Renee Yost



Top Producers Units and Volume



Individual Agents by Units

Sandra McNeil                     Agent of the Year 35 Units
Jimmy Hopkins                    Runner-Up 29 Units
Ashley Garner                     2nd Runner-Up 28 Units
Alicia Devereaux                 3rd Runner-Up 26 Units
Pinckie Robinson                 4th Runner-Up 22 Units


Individual Agents by Volume

Sandra McNeil                     Agent of the Year $10.2 Million
Jimmy Hopkins                    Runner-Up $10.1 Million
Mark Bodford                      2nd Runner-Up $9.2 Million
Alicia Devereaux                 3rd Runner-Up $7.1 Million
Cindy Southerland               4th Runner-Up $6.6 Million


Agents & Associates by Unit

Paula Ferebee                     Agent of the Year 35 Units
Bobby Brandon                   Runner-Up 34 Units
Eva Elmore                         2nd Runner-Up 26.5 Units
Joyce Barnwell                    3rd Runner-Up 26 Units
April McDavid                      4th Runner-Up 23 Units


Agents & Associates by Volume

Paula Ferebee                     Agent of the Year $ 9.9 Million
Bobby Brandon                   Runner-Up $9 Million
Joyce Barnwell                    2nd Runner-Up $7.2 Million
Lee Crouch                         3rd Runner-Up $7 Million
Eva Elmore                         3rd Runner-Up $7 Million


Teams by Units

Keith Beatty                       Agent of the Year 119 Units
John Hamilton                     Runner-Up 55.5 Units
Debbie Mitchell                   2nd Runner-Up  51.5 Units
Bob McCorkle                      3rd Runner-Up 50.5 Units
Vance Young                      4th Runner-Up 49.5 Units


Teams by Volume

Vance Young                      Agent of the Year $27.2 Million
Debbie Mitchell                    Runner-Up $24.6 Million
Keith Beatty                       2nd Runner-Up $23.2 Million
Michelle Clark                     3rd Runner-Up $13.4 Million
Angie Pool                          4th Runner-Up $9.9 Million



Sales Recognition $2-3.9 Million


Andrew Kelly                      $2 Million
Liz Bianchini                        $2 Million
Judy Kemmer                     $2 Million
Sue Coupland                     $2 Million
Marcello Caliva                    $2 Million
Helene Rexing                     $2.2 Million
Daniel Thompson                 $2.4 Million
Wendy Fincher-Hughes         $2.4 Million
Tonya Blalock                      $2.4 Million
Teresa Hill                          $2.4 Million
Hugh MacRae                      $2.6 Million
Deb Hays                            $2.9 Million
Robert Carroll                      $3 Million
Patty Lyerly                         $3 Million
Joy Morgan                          $3.1 Million
Sarah Burris                         $3.2 Million
Gwen Hawley                       $3.2 Million
Robi Bennett                       $3.3 Million
David Eggleston Jr.               $3.5 Million
Chip Berry                           $3.6 Million
Kraig Marquis                       $3.7 Million
Jane Dodd                           $3.8 Million



Sales Recognition $4-5.9 Million


Sandy Ledbetter                  $4.1 Million
Lynn McGary                       $4.1 Million
Renee Yost                         $4.3 Million
Tee Woodbury                    $4.4 Million
Susan Lacy                         $4.6 Million
Ashley Garner                     $5 Million
Elizabeth King                     $5.2 Million



Sales Recognition $6-9.9 Million


J.B. Fox                             $6.4 Million
April McDavid                      $6.4 Million
Cindy Southerland               $6.6 Million
Bob McCorkle                     $6.8 Million
Eva Elmore                         $7 Million
Lee Crouch                         $7 Million
Alicia Devereaux                 $7.1 Million
Joyce Barnwell                    $7.2 Million
Bobby Brandon                   $9 Million
John Hamilton                     $9.1 Million
Mark Bodford                      $9.2 Million
Paula Ferebee                     $9.9 Million
Angie Pool                          $9.9 Million


Listing Awards Units and Volume


Individual Agents by Units

Jimmy Hopkins                    Agent of the Year 52 Units
Patty Lyerly                        Runner-Up 49 Units
Ashley Garner                     2nd Runner-Up 38 Units
Alicia Devereaux                 3rd Runner-Up 26 Units
Renee Yost                        4th Runner-Up 24 Units



Individual Agents by Volume

Mark Bodford                      Agent of the Year $19.1 Million
Jimmy Hopkins                   Runner-Up $13.4 Million
Robbie Robinson                 2nd Runner-Up $10 Million
Tee Woodbury                    3rd Runner-Up $9.5 Million
Ashley Garner                     4th Runner-Up $9.3 Million



Agents & Associates by Unit

Paula Ferebee                    Agent of the Year 52 Units
Bobby Brandon                   Runner-Up 36 Units
Lee Crouch                         2nd Runner-Up 33.5 Units
April McDavid                     3rd Runner-Up 26 Units
Eva Elmore                        4th Runner-Up 21.5 Units



Agents & Associates by Volume

Lee Crouch                         Agent of the Year $ 37.4 Million
Gwen Hawley                      Runner-Up $15.3 Million
Bobby Brandon                   2nd Runner-Up $12.6 Million
Paula Ferebee                     3rd Runner-Up $12.5 Million
April McDavid                      4th Runner-Up $8.4 Million



Teams by Units

John Hamilton                     Agent of the Year 101.5 Units
Keith Beatty                       Runner-Up 94 Units
Vance Young                      2nd Runner-Up  90.5 Units
Debbie Mitchell                    3rd Runner-Up 62 Units
Michelle Clark                     4th Runner-Up 39.5 Units



Teams by Volume

Vance Young                      Agent of the Year $82.3 Million
Debbie Mitchell                    Runner-Up $40.3 Million
Michelle Clark                     2nd Runner-Up $34 Million
John Hamilton                     3rd Runner-Up $33.4 Million
Keith Beatty                       4th Runner-Up $28 Million


Team Players of the Year by office

Wrightsville Beach        Maureen Robison
Lumina I                      Betsy Leonard
Lumina II                     Jane Dodd
Carolina Beach              Shirley James
Topsail Island               Donna Harvey
Oak Island                    Robert Carroll
New Homes                  Jimmy Hopkins

Wells Fargo Top Referring Agent     Keith Beatty


Relocation Liz Bianchini Top Performer Placed Referrals


Beacon Title

Keith Beatty                 Top Referring Agent
Bob McCorkle                Runner Up
Kraig Marquis                2nd Runner–up


New Homes

Kasey Valente               Gold         $4.4 Million
Jan Pendergrass            Silver        $1.8 Million
Nicole Valentine            Silver       $ 1.8 Million




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Wilmington: Most Fun and Affordable City

Wilmington, N.C. Receives National Recognition as Fun and Affordable Destination

2011-8-Beach-access-by-North-Carolina-AvenueThis summer Wilmington, North Carolina received recognition as a fun and affordable destination by two nationally respected sources: Orbitz and Bloomberg Businessweek. This is wonderful news for our area, but if you have ever been here it’s not that surprising! The southern coastline of North Carolina boasts mild weather, natural beauty, a reasonable cost of living, and wide variety of leisure activities like golf, boating, and kayaking.  These important features (and many more) are what make this area so popular with year-round residents, retirees, and second-home vacationers.

Orbitz ranked Wilmington, N.C. as its No. 1 Late-Summer Beach Bargain.  According to the Orbitz blog page from July 28, 2011, “The Orbitz ‘Best Late-Summer Beach Bargains’ were ranked based on the lowest average daily hotel rates (ADRs) available on Orbitz.com between July 12-13, 2011 for arrivals during the month of August, 2011.” The good news for visitors is that this year-round coastal retreat offers a subtropical climate with mild temperatures and affordable rates that extend beyond the summer months.

Bloomberg Businessweek ranks Wilmington, North Carolina as its No. 7 Most Fun, Affordable City. The ranking is based on a report from Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate which evaluated home prices in select Zip Codes and considered the number of bars and restaurants present within that zip code. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the list of fun, affordable places includes tourism destinations, as well as college towns.

“Wilmington, North Carolina and the island beaches of Carolina Beach, Kure Beach and Wrightsville Beach offer accommodations in a wide range of prices, year-round. Visitors have the option of paying premium waterfront rates or staying a block or two off the water to save money” says Kim Hufham, President/CEO of the New Hanover County Tourism Development Authority.

Why You Should Consider Making a Home Purchase

Here are 5 reasons to consider a home purchase in 2011:

    • Mortgage rates will stay low. Even with rates climbing — maybe to as high as 6 percent by 2012 — they are still well below where they have been historically.
    • Tax cuts could help. Extending the tax cuts could encourage a more rapid recovery for the economy.
    • Americans want to be home owners. A recent Fannie Mae survey showed that Americans still believe a home is a safe and desirable investment.
    • Homes are shrinking. Homes are getting smaller, which has made them more affordable.
    • Builders are about to begin building. Home builders have been sitting on the sidelines. This year, they think pent-up demand will create an appetite for new homes

When you are buying or selling, make sure you are dealing with a real estate expert, not just someone who happens to have a real estate license. Now is the time to talk to an experienced agent about real estate.

House Hunting Tips

House hunting can be an exhausting task. Touring all of the available properties can be an overwhelming experience, especially for first time home buyers. Let us offer some suggestions on your home search.

1. Write a list of the must haves. These are features in the new home that you consider non-negotiable and you can’t live without.

2. Make a wish list of the things that would be nice. For example, a garage or hardwood floors. Realize that these are the items that you want, not need and these may be things that could be added after you move in.

3. Deal-breakers. These are the things you really don’t want. Examples include a neighborhood without sidewalks, a longer commute to work, or busy streets. These are often things that can’t be changed.

By giving your agent these ideas, you can work together to narrow down the search. Realize that your ideas may change as time goes by, but knowing what you can and can’t live without in a home will increase your chances of buying property that’s just right for YOU.

Which brings up another point- when touring homes for sale, outside opinions could muddy the waters. If your mom, uncle, or friend decides to join you on the search, make sure they don’t sway you in another direction. This is when your list will come in handy to remind you of what YOU want, not what your mom, uncle, or friend may want.

Last but not least, choose a good agent. Before looking at that first home, your agent should go over the complete process, how they operate, and what they charge. They should also get a good understanding of your “needs, wants, and wishes.” It’s also necessary that your agent is licensed by the state and have the transaction experience and confidence to negotiate effectively in a competitive market. A good agent also acts as a “guardian angel,” protecting you in the transaction and welcoming questions about the area or the process. A good agent shouldn’t push anything on you. Your agent is an important part of the searching process; Intracoastal agents make sure your experience is nothing less than exceptional.

Luxetrends: Luxury Portfolio Fine Property Collection

This month’s edition of Luxetrends is packed with beautiful lighting fixtures- A Vision for Interior Lighting!!


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2010-9-Leading RE LogoLeading Real Estate Companies of the World is a premier network of top independent brokerage firms that coordinates relocations and shares referrals of potential buyers. This network includes 600 firms in 30 countries around the world. In 2009, the network of companies produced nearly $250 billion in home sales- $60 billion more than any other national brand.

Luxury Portfolio, the luxury arm of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, reaches the affluent and showcases some of the world’s most remarkable properties. It is the largest global network of premier locally branded companies dominated by many of the world’s most powerful independent luxury brokerages.

Intracoastal Realty is a proud affiliate of Luxury Portfolio Collection and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. This affiliation ensures that our clients of extraordinary homes receive local, national, and international exposure.