Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 6/3/15

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Bobby Brandon Bobby Brandon 212 Oakcrest Dr Wilmington $189,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 1721 Fontenay Pl Wilmington $449,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 5317 Pasha Dr Wilmington $159,000
Diane Thomas Co-Broke 1196 Shipyard Blvd Wilmington $94,900
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 3301 Kirby Smith Dr Wilmington $289,000
Robbie Robinson Co-Broke 1317 Pinfish Ln Carolina Beach $415,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 3609 Melinda Dr Wilmington $265,000
Carole Sheffield Lois Dixon 1045 Ryans Ct Wilmington $180,000
Co-Broke Joe Fox 5156 Nicholas Creek Cir Wilmington $439,000
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 320 Church St Wilmington $146,000
Jimmy Hopkins Keith Beatty 7 Shearwater St #A Wrightsville Beach $724,400
April McDavid Co-Broke 1128 Twin Lakes Dr Southport $192,500
Co-Broke Shirley James 103 Summer Salt Ln Carolina Beach $290,000
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 419 N Culverton Rd Winnabow $166,260
Co-Broke Zander Koonce 3624 Blue Banks Loop Rd NE Leland $129,900
Co-Broke Bob McCorkle 3249 Rebel Trail Leland $34,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4609 Laver Ct Wilmington $321,900
Co-Broke Connie Parker 354 Tar Landing Rd Holly Ridge $79,900
Melissa Lester Co-Broke 508 Pine Hurst Cir Hampstead $165,000
Co-Broke Don Harris 822 Morningside Dr Wilmington $110,000
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 533 Chattooga Pl Dr Wilmington $175,000
Robi Bennett Co-Broke 4425 Jason Ct Wilmington $199,900
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 458 Racine Dr #C-301 Wilmington $42,500
Vance Young Co-Broke 2502 Exhibit G Wilmington $403,575
Co-Broke Brenda Mitwol 1909 Adams St Wilmington $99,000
April McMunn Michael Coleman 400 Virginia Ave #303C Wilmington $169,500
Karen Moran-Germ Co-Broke 110 Ann St Wilmington $299,000
Kevin Donovan Kevin Donovan 202 N Fort Fisher Blvd #B5 Kure Beach $529,893
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 130 Singleton St Sneads Ferry $289,900
Dolly Armstrong Co-Broke 1422 Willoughby Park Ct #4 Wilmington $129,900
Co-Broke Susan  Lacy 1616 Swordfish Ln Wilmington $110,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 3327 Jasper Pl Wilmington $236,000
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 3512 Masonboro Loop Rd Wilmington $254,000
Susan Lacy Co-Broke 4472 Amelia Ct Wilmington $200,000
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 6413 Chalfont Cir Wilmington $489,500
Co-Broke Argie Franck 1800 Eastwood Rd #236 Wilmington $279,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 335 Lido Dr Wilmington $239,900
Co-Broke Lee Crouch 7217 Gray Gables Ln Wilmington $1,499,000
Co-Broke Robbie Robinson 307 S Lake  Park Blvd #105 Carolina Beach $298,000
Co-Broke Jimmy Hopkins 139 Horne Pl Dr Wilmington $159,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 5409 Old Garden Rd Wilmington $574,900
Karen Moran-Germ Co-Broke 106 Ann St Wilmington $275,000
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 5020 Crown Pointe Ln Wilmington $475,000
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 4300 Terrington Dr Wilmington $369,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 7007 Cayman Ct Wilmington $419,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 618 Condo Club Dr #104 Wilmington $119,700
Susan Lacy Co-Broke 13 Wood Duck & 21 Groves Pt Hampstead $60,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 4622 Waltmoor Rd Wilmington $134,900
Angie Pool Co-Broke 2145 Simmerman Way Leland $334,500
Karen Berry Co-Broke 6104 Wayfarer Trail Wilmington $310,400
Gwen Hawley Sharon Pate-Batts 7115 Northbend Rd Wilmington $264,000
Edwina St Pierre Co-Broke 26 Union St Ocean Isle Beach $445,000

Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract Through 5/27/15

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Daniel Thompson Angie Pool 24 W Henderson St Wrightsville Beach $699,000
Vance Young Bobby Brandon 215 Bradley Creek Rd Wilmington $645,000
Jeff Terry Co-Broke 7620 Yvonne Wilmington $48,000
Co-Broke April McMunn 307 Hedingham Ln Wilmington $137,000
Jeff Terry Co-Broke 205 Kenwood Ave Wilmington $209,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1415 Barouche Ct Wilmington $217,000
David Novotny David Novotny 645 Village Park Dr #202 Wilmington $319,900
Paula Perkins Paula Perkins 8705 Lincolnshire Ln Wilmington $339,999
Lee  Crouch Co-Broke 5426 Eastwind Rd Wilmington $199,900
Carla Lewis Jane Marr 201 Vistamar Dr Wilmington $279,900
Angiel Pool Co-Broke 5236 Calais Cir Wilmington $330,000
Gwen Hawley Nicole Valentine 1212 Olmstead Wilmington $619,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 241 Palm Grove Ln Wilmington $267,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 6225 Towles Rd Wilmington $399,900
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 1407 English Ct Wilmington $155,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2112 Sapling Cir Wilmington $140,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 609 Grace St Wilmington $310,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 4849 Wedgewood Dr Wilmington $337,000
Co-Broke Hugh MacRae 5715 Andover Rd Wilmington $289,000
Co-Broke Susan Paulson 8859 New Forest Dr Wilmington $415,000
Co-Broke April McDavid 409 Canal Dr #A Carolina Beach $379,900
April McDavid Joyce Barnwell 833 Kure Village Way Kure Beach $250,000
Co-Broke Sonia Morris 8875 New Forest Dr Wilmington $435,000
Eva Elmore Eva Elmore 100 Cir Dr Wrightsville Beach $799,000
Bobby Brandon Bobby Brandon 330 Causeway Dr #C34 Wrightsville Beach $95,000
Co-Broke Joy Morgan 1503 Oakley Rd Castle Hayne $96,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 153 Fallbrook Ln Wilmington $189,900
Bobby Brandon Bob McCorkle 6251 Turtle Hall Dr Wilmington $486,500
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 6807 Hardscrabble Ct Wilmington $600,000
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 610 N 23rd St Wilmington $99,000
Joyce Barnwell Co-Broke 47 Maple Branches Dr SE Belville $123,500
Robbie Robinson Co-Broke 312 Greenville Ave Carolina Beach $469,900
Bobby Brandon Bobby Brandon 345 Bradley Dr #16 Wilmington $539,000
Co-Broke Sharon Brock 6332 Stapleton Rd Wilmington $229,900
Co-Broke Gwen Hawley 5116 Chalice Ln Wilmington $312,000
Co-Broke Johnny Gaddy 185 Brunswick Ave West Holden Beach $125,000
Co-Broke Linda Register 37 Moore St Ocean Isle  Beach $569,900
Karen Pratt Co-Broke 395 S Crow Creek Dr #1211 Calabash $154,900
Linda Register Bob Williams 16 Moore St Ocean Isle  Beach $689,000
Buzzy Northen Sandy Ledbetter 1211 Ocean Blvd Topsail Beach $550,000

Topsail Island: A Look at the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

Surf City is home to one of the few sea turtle hospitals on the entire East Coast. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center is a 13,600 square foot facility open for public tours. Get up-close with loggerhead and other sea turtles being nursed back to health and, if your timing is good, get to see recovered sea turtles return home to the Atlantic. Jean Beasley, Director of the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue & Rehabilitation Center in Surf City, is pictured here with friend and real estate broker for Intracoastal Realty, Craig Stinson.


The Beasley Center is located in the heart of the Topsail Region, an area comprised of six distinct communities in two counties located between Wilmington and Jacksonville. For more information regarding The Beasley Center, please visit their website.

Hampstead, NC is an unincorporated community on the mainland in Pender County adjacent to Wilmington. Hampstead has been growing significantly in recent years attracting people looking for life on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW), high quality schools, and its calm lifestyle, and ease of getting to commercial centers in Wilmington.

Holly Shelter is an incorporated community in the middle of the Topsail Region. Located on the mainland in Onslow County, Holly Shelter is known as a friendly destination for retired military and for enlisted families with one spouse working in Wilmington and the other in Jacksonville. Holly Shelter has some spectacular communities nestled along the ICWW. Holly Shelter is definitely a hidden gem of the region.

North Topsail Beach was incorporated in the 1990s and is almost an exclusively residential community on the north end of Topsail Island. This part of the island is known for mostly newer construction and a great summer influx of visitors looking for a quiet week away at the beach.

Surf City is the heart of Topsail Island. This incorporated town is located in Pender County on the island and mainland. Surf City decided a number of years ago to invest in water infrastructure and it has paid off, making the town the commercial center of the region and also home to a fast growing year-round residential population. In coming years, Surf City will host a new high-rise bridge to the island, replacing one of the only remaining swing bridges on the East Coast. In addition to high quality Pender County schools, the town is host to a new satellite campus of Cape Fear Community College.

Sneads Ferry is an unincorporated community adjacent to Jacksonville and Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Sneads Ferry is known as a quiet village with an active commercial shrimping fleet. You can visit the docks and watch shrimp boats leave and return while eating fresh catch at some of their famous restaurants.

Topsail Beach is an incorporated town on the south end of Topsail Island. Topsail Beach is a classic North Carolina beach town with dog-friendly (even horse-friendly!) beaches and a wide variety of homes from classic beach cottages to new construction.

With a new office in Surf City, Intracoastal Realty is dedicated to serving the communities in the Topsail Region. If you are looking to relocate or make an investment in the region, Intracoastal Realty is here for all your real estate needs.  Call with further questions about the beautiful Topsail Region.

Article By:
Craig Stinson Intracosatal RealtyCraig Stinson
Broker / REALTOR, Intracoastal Realty
Direct: 910.524.2679

Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 5/20/15

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 1916 Nun St Wilmington $239,900
Lynne Boney Co-Broke 2533 Empie Dr Leland $384,157
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 116 Sandy Brook Rd Wilmington $107,000
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 7322 Haskell Ct Wilmington $155,000
Co-Broke Susie Loftis 110 Plum Ct  Burgaw $59,500
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 5900 Hunters Mill Ln Wilmington $399,900
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 108 Colonial Dr Wilmington $319,000
Sonia Morris Angie Pool 2104 Ainsdale Ct Wilmington $479,000
Co-Broke Angie Pool 1016 Rivage Promenade Wilmington $269,900
Jean Sandlin Co-Broke 3027 Weatherby Ct Wilmington $199,900
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 212 Brascote Ln Wilmington $372,000
Karen Reese Co-Broke 804 Fox Ridge Ln Wilmington $619,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 434 Newcastleton Dr Wilmington $333,335
Buzzy Northen Co-Broke 23 Forest Hills Dr Wilmington $450,000
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 6726 Netherlands Dr Wilmington $110,000
Joy Morgan Co-Broke 6509 Yellow Bell Rd Wilmington $179,900
Claire Reddick Co-Broke 804 Bedminister Ln Wilmington $504,999
Tom Poston Co-Broke 645 Village Park #C-208 Wilmington $315,000
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 1189 Mallard Bay Rd Hampstead $339,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1 E Columbia St #C Wrightsville Beach $465,000
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 1248 Landis Farm Rd Wilmington $400,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 7415 Ern Way Wilmington $164,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 1237 Pinfish Ln Carolina Beach $125,000
Michelle Clark Michelle Clark 1308 Edgewater Club Dr #7 Wilmington $589,000
Bea Desmond Co-Broke 517 Foxfield Ct Wilmington $164,900
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 228 Oakleaf Dr Wilmington $169,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 804 Swiftwind Pl Wilmington $769,000
Vance Young Lee Crouch 1802 Hawthorne Rd Wilmington $499,900
Vance Young Vance Young 1524 Radian Rd Wilmington $320,000
Co-Broke Lee Crouch 2 Inlet Hook Wilmington $995,000
Jennifer Hensley Co-Broke 6229 Sentry Oaks Dr Wilmington $240,000
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 4452 Jamey Ct Wilmington $105,000
Betsy Leonard Co-Broke 2102 Randolph Rd Wilmington $275,000
Jonathan Kent Co-Broke 819 Dock St Wilmington $229,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 824 Fox Ridge Ln Wilmington $499,900
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 7210 Copper Mare Ct Wilmington $197,500
Jane Dodd Buzzy Northen 506 Sandcastle Ct Wilmington $299,000
Mary Kruszon Lisa Wayne 5300 Villa Ct Wilmington $300,000
Bob Williams Co-Broke 441 East Third St Ocean Isle Beach $510,000
Grace Schroeder Co-Broke 1725 Oakbrook Dr SW Ocean Isle Beach $182,400
Johnny Gaddy Co-Broke 160 Via Old Sound Blvd Ocean Isle Beach $358,000
Janeise Collins Co-Broke 90 West Bailey Ln Hampstead $299,900
Co-Broke Sandy Ledbetter 119 Atkinson Rd Surf City $399,000

Thursday Update Under Contract through 05-13-2015

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Co-Broke Donna Foster 752 Tuscan Way Wilmington $304,441
Co-Broke Jane Dodd 8904 Plantation Landing Dr Wilmington $316,900
April McDavid Keith Beatty 828 Ovates Ln Wilmington $281,900
Ranielle Mishoe Co-Broke 7233 Lounsberry Ct Wilmington $279,900
Co-Broke April McMunn 7816 Cypress Island Dr Wilmington $195,000
Ed Thear Co-Broke 613 Carolina Beach Ave S #1 Carolina Beach $309,000
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 410 N Crestwood Dr Wilmington $132,500
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil Lot 59 Shearwater Dr Hampstead $55,500
Co-Broke Bob McCorkle 125 Laurel Dr Wilmington $58,000
Sarah Burris Angie Pool 307 Cabbage Inlet Ln Wilmington $749,000
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 800 Mississippi Ave Wilmington $415,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 622 Ocracoke Dr Wilmington $239,900
Kevin Donovan Keith Beatty 4644 Laver Dr Wilmington $344,740
Co-Broke Susan Lacy 5016 Nicholas Creek Cir Wilmington $545,000
Co-Broke Tee Woodbury 333 Stradleigh Rd Wilmington $229,900
Phil Rawls Lee Crouch 5914 Cedar Landing Rd Wilmington $1,085,000
Connie Parker Co-Broke 716 Boundaryline Dr Calabash $12,000
Karen Moran-Germ Karen Moran-Germ 240 Windy Hills Dr Wilmington $939,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4605 Laver Dr Wilmington $279,900
Co-Broke Robbie Robinson 305 S Lake Park Blvd. #104 Carolina Beach $299,000
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 1921 Watts Landing Rd Wilmington $175,000
Co-Broke Jane Dodd 1421 Wagon Ct Wilmington $182,900
Erica Mearns Co-Broke 9399 Lyn Marie Dr Leland $159,000
Argie Franck Co-Broke 1140 Arboretum Dr Wilmington $195,000
Co-Broke Harper Fraser 5620 Moss Vine Pl #23 Wilmington $122,000
Co-Broke Sharon Brock 1208 Potomac Ct Wilmington $299,000
John Mohr John Mohr 605 Magnolia Dr Sunset Beach $79,900
James Williams Co-Broke 447 Catherine Ave Topsail Beach $699,000
Janeise Collins Co-Broke 221 Doral Dr Hampstead $269,000
Janeise Collins Co-Broke 6095 Shore Park Dr  Leland $364,500


Thursday Update Under Contract through 05-06-15

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 6016 Culdees Ln Wilmington $296,900
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 301 Folly Island Ct Wilmington $579,000
Carla Wiechman Co-Broke 2141 Van Buren St Wilmington $85,000
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 705 Woodland Forest Ct Wilmington $429,900
Margery Jordan Co-Broke 1924 S Live Oak Parkway Wilmington $1,195,000
Co-Broke Bob Fannon 233 Racine Dr #33 Wilmington $211,750
Co-Broke Paula Perkins 1605 Futch Creek Rd Wilmington $525,000
Chris Hoskins Lisa Wayne 1228 Searay Ln Carolina Beach $510,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 315 Halyard Ct Wilmington $179,900
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 5618 Channel Walk Ln Wilmington $690,490
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 6309 Marywood Dr Wilmington $699,000
Carla Lewis Vance Young 2200 Masons Point Pl Wilmington $799,000
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 6002 Gantts Trail Wilmington $148,777
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 319 Windchase Ln Wilmington $1,490,000
Sonia Morris Co-Broke 1256 Nightingale Ct Leland $259,000
Vance Young Vance Young 13732 NC Highway 210 #300 Rocky Point $16,800
Sue Buren Co-Broke 4523 Sagedale Dr #301C Wilmington $114,000
Jane Marr Elizabeth King 406 Forest Hills Dr Wilmington $374,900
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 301 Frans Path Hampstead $428,000
Karen Reese Co-Broke 261 E Second St Lot 17 Ocean Isle Beach $150,000
Marcello Caliva Co-Broke 480 Golden Rd Wilmington $695,000
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 206 S Grist Mill Rd Hampstead $345,900
Co-Broke Rainelle Mishoe 206 N 7th St Wilmington $279,900
Jane Davis Co-Broke 1924 Knollwood Rd Wilmington $350,000
Tonya Blalock Co-Broke 5609 Channel Walk Ln Wilmington $684,890
Co-Broke Angie Pool 311 Cabbage Inlet Ln Wilmington $1,850,000
Jean Sandlin Co-Broke 3204 Paramount Way Wilmington $192,850
Co-Broke Paula Ferebee 4209 Forwalt Pl Wilmington $399,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 5406 Saltwater Run Wilmington $434,020
Co-Broke Deb Hays 7327 Cassimir Pl Wilmington $219,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 6520 Shire Ln Wilmington $375,000
Ed Thear Co-Broke 1515 Searay Ln Carolina Beach $446,900
April McMunn Co-Broke 7757 Cypress Island Dr Wilmington $234,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 4323 Terrington Dr Wilmington $279,000
Don Lewis Co-Broke 940 Copas Rd SW Shallotte $550,000
Co-Broke Michelle Clark 130 Derby Ln  Hampstead $229,900
Bea Desmond Co-Broke 5201 Shadow Branch Ln Wilmington $209,200
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 601 Spartanburg Ave Carolina Beach $94,900
Bob McCorkle Co-Broke 128  Northern Blvd Wilmington $281,000
Lee Crouch Co-Broke 837 Shinn Point Rd Wilmington $950,000
Keith Beatty Gwen Hawley 1622 Airlie Forest Ct Wilmington $615,000
Diane Thomas Lee Crouch 2810 Park Ave Wilmington $465,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 411 Summer Rest Rd Wilmington $1,590,000
Nicole Lee Co-Broke 19 Tradewinds Dr Hampstead $159,000
Juan Santos Co-Broke 2137 Burnett Blvd. Wilmington $139,900
Co-Broke Sonia Morris 106 N Water St #105 Wilmington $191,500
Co-Broke Don Harris 4322 Appleton Way Wilmington $258,900
Diane Thomas Co-Broke 2100 Airlie Brook Dr Wilmington $649,000
Helen Rexing Carla Lewis 3109 Rivendell Pl Wilmington $139,900
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 6432 Westport Dr Wilmington $2,595,000
Jimmy Hopkins Jimmy Hopkins 1313 Pinfish Ln Carolina Beach $490,500
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 105 Kimberly Ct Rocky Point $103,000
Vance Young Michelle Clark 8316 Vintage Club Dr Wilmington $435,534
Co-Broke Angie Pool 4212 Appleton Way Wilmington $289,000
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 9 Bermuda Dr Wrightsville Beach $1,300,000
Marcello Caliva Bea Desmond 349 Shackleford Dr Wilmington $314,900
Co-Broke Vance Young 2126 Harborway Dr Wilmington $749,000
Co-Broke Jane Dodd/Linda Register 131 Kellerton Ct Winnabow $122,900
Linda Register Linda Register 7188 Westbrook Ave Ocean Isle Beach $38,000
Grace Schroeder Co-Broke 44 Carolina Shores Dr Carolina Shores $224,900
Co-Broke Grace Schroeder 3 Bayberry Cir Carolina Shores $184,900

Thursday Update Under Contract through 4.29.2015

Under Contract

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price  
Co-Broke Susan Donovan 939 Anchors Bend Way Wilmington $353,080
Diane Steelman Diane Steelman 205 Seawatch Way Kure Beach $525,000
Juan Santos Co-Broke 518 Morningside Drive Wilmington $120,000
Jane Dodd Co-Broke 8818 Ramsbury Way Wilmington $550,000
Julie Pettee Co-Broke 1668 Colonist Square, SW Ocean Isle Beach $264,900
Lunne Boney Co-Broke 1602 Dye Place Wilmington $175,000
Co-Broke Joy Morgan 645 Village Park # 103 Wilmington $339,000
Lisa Wayne Co-Broke 5116 Nicholas Creek Circle Wilmington $509,000
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 311 Front Street Wilmington $1,250,000
Deb Hays Co-Broke 15 Silo Court Hampstead $279,900
Karen Moran-Germ Co-Broke 6328 Sugar Pine Drive Wilmington $369,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 4630 Lord Elkins Road Wilmington $119,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1683 Canady Road Wilmington $125,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1665 Canady Road Wilmington $1,100,000
Sandra McNeil Keith Beatty 1508 Meridian Terrace Wilmington $839,999
Chris Weisler Co-Broke 214 Hooker Road Wilmington $288,000
Susan Donovan Susan Donovan 928 Anchors Bend Way Wilmington $361,014
Co-Broke Jane Dodd 455 Bayfield Drive Wilmington $385,000
Joyce Barnwell Joyce Barnwell 130 Whitman Avenue Castle Hayne $80,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 633 Steele Loop Wilmington $267,755
Co-Broke Ginny Tyndall 6046 Inland Greens Drive Wilmington $185,000
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 215 Bradley Creek Point Road Wilmington $645,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 6074 Chancellorsville Drive Wilmington $224,900
Tee Woodbury Carla Lewis 1743 Signature Place Wilmington $439,900
Jennifer Hensley Co-Broke 3034 Braewood Court Leland $225,000
Gwen Hawley Co-Broke 421 Sandman Drive Kure Beach $525,000
Co-Broke Zander Koonce 520 S 2nd Street Wilmington $319,900
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 805 Cutter Court Kure Beach $410,000
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 5413 Old Garden Road Wilmington $525,000
Phil Rawls Karen Moran-Germ 240 Windy Hills Drive Wilmington $939,000
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Jimmy Hopkins 105 Tennessee Avenue #402 Carolina Beach $159,000
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 543 Tanbridge Road Wilmington $519,900
Jimmy Hopkins Co-Broke 206 Greenwich Lane Wilmington $275,000
Susan Keck Co-Broke Lot 14 Sadie Way Rocky Point $187,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 4818 Exton Park Loop Castle Hayne $134,900
Michael Pirkey Co-Broke 408 S Carolina Beach Avenue #13A Carolina Beach $140,000
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 3019 Ramble Drive Leland $184,000
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 1196 Shipyard Blvd. Wilmington $94,900
April McDavid Co-Broke 310 Columbia Avenue #1 Carolina Beach $299,900
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 281 Foxwood Lane Wilmington $265,000
Paula Perkins Joe Capellini 8331 Vintage Club Circle Wilmington $359,999
Co-Broke Marcello Caliva 102 Cypress Avenue Wrightsville Beach $635,000
Buzzy Northen Co-Broke S NC Hwy 11 Wallace $528,000
Sarah Burris Co-Broke 7505 Quail Woods Road Wilmington $285,000
Co-Broke Angie Pool 114 Crowatan Road Castle Hayne $390,000
Co-Broke Jane Dodd 718 Little Pony Trail Wilmington $115,000
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 1800 Eastwood Road #119 Wilmington $239,000
Don Harris Keith Beatty 1023 Marshside Way Belville $387,400
Alicia Devereaux Becky Lothe 1312 Bowfin Lane #1 Carolina Beach $339,900
Bob McCorkle Co-Broke 9999 Hwy 117 & Old Teachey Rd Wallace $44,500
Grace Schroeder Co-Broke 165 Royal Poste Road #2910 Sunset Beach $100,000
Co-Broke Bob Williams 0 Fairmont Street Lot 3 Ocean Isle Beach $487,000
Co-Broke Linda Register 1958 Stone Ballast Way Ocean Isle Beach $315,500
Co-Broke Janeise Collins 110 North Shore Drive Sneads Ferry $175,000
Janeise Collins Co-Broke 2045 Simmerman Way Leland $349,900

Thursday Update Under Contract through 4.22.2015

Under Contract

Written:   $28,539,433   Units:   71

Closed:     $13,973,815   Units:   47

Listings:    $20,055,337   Units:   49

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price  
Lee Crouch Co-Broke 7008 Northbend Road Wilmington $245,000
Vance Young Vance Young 18 E Oxford Street Wrightsville Beach $2,750,000
Co-Broke Karen Moran-Germ 808 Atlanta Avenue Carolina Beach $115,000
Gwen Hawley Co-Broke 114 Mohican Trail Wilmington $174,900
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 1209 S 8th Street Wilmington $59,900
Lee Crouch Co-Broke 7521 Sidbury Road Wilmington $51,500
Co-Broke Lee Crouch 316 Beach Road North Wilmington $2,295,000
Co-Broke Don Harris 8580 Orchard Loop Road NE Leland $136,500
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2081 Simmerman Way Leland $349,188
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 7419 Alestone Drive Wilmington $399,900
Co-Broke Joy Morgan 9125 Sue Circle Leland $179,900
Bob McCorkle Co-Broke 308 S 16th Street Wilmington $59,900
Kathleen Zielinski Wendy Fincher-Hughes 414 Goldsboro Avenue Carolina Beach $124,900
Vance Young Co-Broke 319 Marsh Oaks Drive Wilmington $438,000
Patty Lyerly Patty Lyerly 265 Old Lake Road Extension Lake Waccamaw $225,000
Joe Capellini Co-Broke 208 Fanning Court Leland $302,000
Vance Young Michelle Clark 715 Autumn Crest Place Wilmington $798,765
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Co-Broke 608 Windchime Drive Wilmington $309,000
Jimmy Hopkins Argie Franck 4617 McClelland Drive Wilmington $1,309,000
Sarah Burris Vance Young 1800 Eastwood Road Wilmington $229,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 369 Shackleford Drive Wilmington $305,000
Diane Thomas Co-Broke 3243 Kellerton Place Wilmington $232,400
Co-Broke Joe Capellini 1824 Gleneagles Lane Wilmington $359,999
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 1162 Willow Pond Lane Leland $335,000
Lee Crouch Keith Beatty 7525 Sidbury Road Wilmington $249,379
Ed Thear Co-Broke 1706 Searay Lane Kure Beach $400,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 692 Heartwood Drive Winnabow $193,900
Joe Fox Co-Broke 836 Wine Cellar Circle Wilmington $339,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 7811 Raintree Road Wilmington $179,500
Co-Broke Angie Pool 212 Teakwood Drive Carolina Beach $424,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 6225 Towles Road Wilmington $399,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4542 Exuma Lane Wilmington $129,900
Vance Young Co-Broke 5110 Helmsport Avenue Wilmington $596,121
Ginny Tyndall Co-Broke 1100 S Fort Fisher Blvd. #2004 Kure Beach $300,000
Keith Beatty Michelle Clark 602 Highgreen Drive Wilmington $265,900
Co-Broke Sarah Burris 249 Grovediere Lane Hampstead $525,000
Vance Young Co-Broke 3111 Kirby Smith Drive Wilmington $331,500
Co-Broke Robbie Robinson 1513 Pinfish Lane Carolina Beach $115,000
Zander Koonce Co-Broke 2180 Villamar Drive Leland $89,500
Zander Koonce Co-Broke 1047 S Fort Fisher Blvd. Kure Beach $1,145,000
Jonathan Kent Co-Broke 708 Church Street Wilmington $143,900
Jane Marr Co-Broke 402 Wayne Drive Wilmington $178,000
Susan Lacy Co-Broke 126 Parkwood Drive Wilmington $200,000
Co-Broke Diane Thomas 421 Semmes Drive Wilmington $262,500
Dan Willard Co-Broke 5300 Southwind Drive Wilmington $649,900
Deb Hays Rainelle Mishoe 819 Fox Ridge Lane Wilmington $585,000
Patty Lyerly Patty Lyerly 2304 Canal Cove Road Lake Waccamaw $329,900
Karen Berry Paula Perkins 8409 Fazio Drive Wilmington $589,900
Co-Broke Bob McCorkle 410 N 13th Street Wilmington $215,500
Lois Dixon Co-Broke Lot 28 Century Road Hampstead $250,511
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4621 Andros Lane Wilmington $138,740
Lois Potratz Lois Potratz 370 Riverland Drive South Currie $215,000
Nicole Valentine Nicole Valentine 6521 Chalfont Circle Wilmington $177,500
Co-Broke Johnny Gaddy 1659 Lake Tree Drive SW Ocean Isle Beach $188,000
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 124 Coppers Trail Wilmington $234,995
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 1516 S Anderson Blvd. Topsail Beach $344,000
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 102 Shoveler Court Sneads Ferry $356,500

Thursday Update Under Contract through 4.15.2015

Under Contract

Written:  $19,651,504   Units:   56

Closed:    $6,571,350     Units:   22

Listings:   $12,370,300   Units:   25

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price  
Co-Broke Michelle Clark 5756 Gardenia Way Wilmington $319,500
Nicole Valentine Nicole Valentine 533 Dungannon Blvd Wilmington $200,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 2024 Creecy Avenue Wilmington $264,900
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Co-Broke 341 Palmer Way Wilmington $247,000
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 116 James Avenue #A Surf City $147,700
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1208 Carolina Beach Avenue N Carolina Beach $295,000
Co-Broke Jane Marr 1920 Wrightsville Avenue Wilmington $179,000
Co-Broke Nan Weiss 609 Kings Arm Court Wilmington $219,000
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 317 Bradley Creek Point Road Wilmington $1,699,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 927 Summerlin Falls Court Wilmington $151,000
Nan Weiss Michelle Clark 4 Sandpiper Street #B Wrightsville Beach $1,181,181
Diane Steelman Co-Broke 225 Monterey Drive Wilmington $174,900
Tee Woodbury David Novotny 640  Village Park Drive #202 Wilmington $305,000
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Co-Broke 217 Angel Island Road Wilmington $164,900
Co-Broke Joe Fox 124 River Gate Lane Wilmington $149,000
Co-Broke Rachel Kastner 4910 Shelley Drive Wilmington $158,000
Co-Broke Ginny Tyndall 1100 S Fort Fisher Blvd #406 Kure Beach $243,000
Alicia Devereaux Co-Broke 204 N Dow Road Carolina Beach $67,000
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Jane Dodd 300 S Carolina Avenue #100 Carolina Beach $259,900
Jane Dodd Co-Broke 405 Titleist Lane Wilmington $264,900
Co-Broke Jane Dodd 114 Brookshire Lane Wilmington $215,000
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 247 Silver Sloop Way Carolina Beach $309,500
Don Harris Co-Broke 31 Shinnwood Court Hampstead $225,000
Don Harris Co-Broke 515-C New River Drive Surf City $239,900
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 402 Pine Hills Drive Wilmington $159,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1013 Parkway Blvd Wilmington $209,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 925 Mound Battery Road Wilmington $160,000
Vance Young Co-Broke 1541 S Moorings Drive Wilmington $759,900
Argie Franck Co-Broke 1030 Birch Creek Wilmington $139,500
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 2836 Valor Drive Wilmington $159,900
Sonia Morris Co-Broke 117 Parliament Drive Wilmington $225,000
Vance Young Co-Broke 2260 Bel Arbor Place Wilmington $799,999
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 801 Riddick Court Wilmington $329,900
Co-Broke Bob Fannon 210 M Avenue Kure Beach $375,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 131 Charter Drive Wilmington $176,000
Becky Lothe Co-Broke 7139 Ontario Road Wilmington $329,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 209 Moss Tree Drive Wilmington $449,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 250 Simmerman Way Leland $329,500
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 1005 Tallgrass Lane Leland $209,000
Buzzy Northen Co-Broke 2120 Jackson Street Wilmington $110,000
Vance Young Bobby Brandon 609 Bradley Creek Point Road Wilmington $750,000
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 111 Brascote Lane Wilmington $350,000
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 808 S Lumina Avenue Wrightsville Beach $1,695,000
Deb Hays Co-Broke 330 Lafayette Street Wilmington $330,000
Gwen Hawley Co-Broke 235 Bloomington Lane Wilmington $252,000
Co-Broke Bob Williams 258 E Second Street #3C Ocean Isle Beach $198,000


Thursday Update Under Contract through 4.8.2015

Under Contract

Written:  $20,182,316   Units:  52

Closed:    $5,886,830     Units:  30

Listings:   $12,649,199   Units:  34

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 509 Augusta Avenue Carolina Beach $342,000
Joyce Barnwell Co-Broke 1517 Bonito Lane Carolina Beach $145,000
Carla Lewis Vance Young 600 Inverary Way Wilmington $574,000
Co-Broke Eva Elmore 5006 Carleton Drive #47 Wilmington $175,000
Co-Broke Shirley James/Mike Coleman 4628 Turtle Dove Court Wilmington $105,000
Angie Pool Co-Broke 912 Striking Island Wilmington $205,000
Co-Broke Argie Franck 3828 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington $2,500,000
Bobby Brandon Bobby Brandon 14 Bahama Drive Wrightsville Beach $675,000
Co-Broke Nan Weiss 609 K Avenue Kure Beach $294,650
Don Harris Co-Broke 828 Weston Lane SE Bolivia $385,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 131 Ridgeway Drive Wilmington $215,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 5006 Carleton Drive #114 Wilmington $163,500
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 5205 Woods Edge Road Wilmington $227,900
Harper Fraser Co-Broke 132 Darby Street Wilmington $187,000
Angie Pool Co-Broke 5405 Saltwater Run Wilmington $427,186
Angie Pool Sonia Morris 8473 Compass Pointe East Wynd NE Leland $399,999
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 5115 Partha Lane Wilmington $479,000
Daniel  Thompson Co-Broke 136 Quail Ridge Road Wilmington $275,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 822 Riddick Court Wilmington $350,300
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 321 Yorkshire Lane Wilmington $295,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 2216 Pinehurst Place Wilmington $699,000
Bob Fannon Co-Broke 7398 Ruby Stone Court Leland $190,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 1804 Colwell Avenue Wilmington $20,000
Nan Weiss Bea Desmond 1403 S Lake Park Blvd Carolina Beach $299,900
Karen Reese Vance Young 1905 Inverness Lane Wilmington $675,000
Jimmy Hopkins Co-Broke 149 W Conolly Court Hampstead $264,000
Diana Holdridge Co-Broke 8876 New Forest Drive Wilmington $485,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 322 Green Meadows Drive Wilmington $199,000
Nicole Valentine Nicole Valentine 6221 Chalfont Circle Wilmington $689,000
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 1404 Heron Run Drive Wilmington $759,000
Jimmy Hopkins Co-Broke 620 Barksdale Road Wilmington $264,900
Robi Bennett Co-Broke 3000 Lauren Place #103 Wilmington $80,000
Gwen Hawley Jimmy Hopkins 7912 Sanderling Place Wilmington $525,000
Co-Broke Laurie Rogers 1061 Anchors Bend Way Wilmington $384,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 133 Lido Drive Wilmington $276,900
Co-Broke Joe Fox/Harper Fraser 340 Olde Point Loop Road Hampstead $1,099,900
Co-Broke Angie Pool 325 Oakmont Drive Hampstead $199,900
Co-Broke Laurie Rogers 924 Anchors Bend Way Wilmington $375,241
Co-Broke Grace Schroeder 173 W 4th Street Ocean Isle Beach $109,900
Co-Broke Edwina St Pierre 45 Richmond Street Ocean Isle Beach $488,000
John Mohr John Mohr 1578 Russtown Road Ocean Isle Beach $134,900
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 405 Ridgeway Sneads Ferry $163,000