Why have a Home Inspection?

Intracoastal Agent Connie Parker: Why You Should Have a Home Inspection

Nothing feels better than finally getting to lay down in your own bed after a long day! Years ago, this was such an occasion, when I heard a rustling sound from underneath the house. I slowly get up and tip-toe to the areas of the house where the sound might be coming from. My mind is going in a number of directions as to what it could be… a raccoon, a cat, a mouse, heaven forbid; and it sounds like it is trying to get into my house!

Well, after several nights with the same scenario, this night, I definitely heard movement inside a beautiful hand-hewed pine display cabinet that had been built-in to a nook. It had glass front doors and blue velvet, padded-lined drawers. With great hesitation, my curiosity won over reason, and I opened a drawer.

There, nestled in her new home was a possum, with pointed pink-tipped nose and glassy eyes staring back at me. Needless to say, I shut the drawer quickly! Thankfully, my son-in-law was there and relocated the unwanted guest.

After her departure, I discovered an opening in the back of the cabinet that had not been finished during the “renovation,” exposing a hole through the sheetrock. This critter had been very diligent to find this “luxury accommodation.”

Home Inspectors have an important role in locating potential problems with the home you may be purchasing. They inspect the attic, roof, crawl space (if there is one), exterior condition, wiring or window issues, to name some of their major areas of inspection. This is valuable information for the potential buyer who may need to invest more money if these corrections are not made prior to closing. It is also valuable to the seller to have an inspection prior to placing their home on the market. Having this information, and correcting issues up front, will validate the market value in their home and helps to capture early interest that can lead to contract and expedite closing.

It is a small investment for either buyer or seller that offers confidence in your next home investment or sale. For the latest real estate listings available and current market updates, as your realtor, I will work diligently to help you reach your real estate goals.

2011-5-Parker, Connie

Connie Parker

Baby Boomer Bungalows!

Intracoastal Agent Connie Parker on Baby Boomer Bungalows…

I am proud to be a member of the BABY BOOMER generation! We grew up in a time when the new industrialized world was at the end of a world war with all it’s heartaches and difficulties. Our parents were ready to start their families and begin their new lives in a country full of hope and vitality. Some of my favorite memories, when I was little, was going to Myrtle Beach, SC to “ROSS HAVEN”, our favorite family gathering vacation house. It wasn’t ours, we just divided up the cost between grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, it was a wonderful mass of “kin”. The one story cottage was right on ocean front with wood plank siding. Inside the walls didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and of course there was no insulation back then. There were about 6 tiny bedrooms with (as I remember) one bathroom! The windows and doors would stay open all the time with screens and screened doors to keep the pesky “varmets” out. There were oscillating plug-in fans for cooling on humid days. The ocean side had a double-wide porch with a big swing that most of the kids could get in all at one time to entertain themselves for a few minutes at a time, as well as lots of rocking chairs. These are sweet memories of a special place to me that is no longer there.

I think it is because of these special times in a special place, that the continued love affair with the charming bungalows and quaint cottages have a hold on my heart strings. As our generation is now retiring or having more time to enjoy a get-away, there are many of us that are looking for smaller simpler places to enjoy time, family & community entertainment. Many of these smaller homes are located in our beautiful historic district which is at the Cape Fear Riverfront and shopping district, with loads of specialty restaurants shops, bistros and grills. The aromas, sights and sounds of old Wilmington, NC will charm the socks right off of you! The downtown district also offers amazing quality theatre at the civil war era THALIAN HALL and many other venues for the cultural and performing arts where there is something going on all the time.

Today’s Bungalow and small cottages vary as much as the old and new Wilmington. There are still many early 1900 era homes that are available for the “ go-getters”, to the ones available that have been retro-fitted with state of the art kitchens, baths, re-wired/plumbed and insulated for energy saving efficiency. There are wonderful older communities where homes are being purchased by investors, where specialized craftsmen and decorators repair and restore these homes for the turn-key buyer. The prices also range as wildly as the ages. You may prefer the seclusion of a gated (or not) community with their own golf courses with lots of amenities, or the water or beach front hideaway to escape to permanently or every chance you get!

2011-5-Parker, Connie Connie Parker