Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 3/24/2016

Written:  $15,081,356  Units:  60
Closed:    $11,198,590  Units:  39
Listings:   $20,354,838  Units:  57

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Co-Broke Joey Priest 454 Racine Drive #E207 Wilmington $45,900
Rainelle Mishoe Co-Broke 3001 Russelborough Drive Wilmington $279,500
Bobby Brandon Bobby Brandon 4750 Seahawk Court #A4 Wilmington $38,500
Co-Broke Eva Elmore 1600 Sturdivant Drive #41 Wilmington $180,000
Claire Reddick Co-Broke 517 Harnett Street Wilmington $18,200
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 1506 W Morning Dove Court Wilmington $349,900
Elizabeth King Co-Broke 2810 Park Avenue Wilmington $425,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 1800 Eastwood Road #170 Wilmington $252,000
Robi Bennett Mike Farris 7246 Wrightsville Avenue #103 Wilmington $109,000
Co-Broke Karen Berry 719 Varsity Drive Wilmington $100,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 124 Yaupon Court Hampstead $184,900
Co-Broke April Congleton 135 Spencer Farlow Drive Carolina Beach $399,000
Lois Potraz David Hughes 158 Raye Drive Wilmington $189,000
Claire Reddick Co-Broke 704 Bladen Street Wilmington $69,900
Bobby Miller Carla Lewis 905 Potomac Drive Wilmington $269,000
Vance Young Co-Broke 2009 Northstar Circle Wilmington $729,900
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 1743 S 41st Street #H Wilmington $99,900
Sonia Morris Sonia Morris 8528 North Shoreside Way Leland $149,000
Co-Broke Rainelle Mishoe 406 Carolina Beach Avenue N Carolina Beach $499,900
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 503 McGinnis Lane Wilmington $289,900
Jimmy Hopkins Co-Broke 7716 Huron Drive Wilmington $242,000
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 5006 Carleton Drive #128 Wilmington $212,000
Co-Broke Argie Franck 5604 Moss Vine Court Wilmington $133,500
Gwen Hawley Bobby Brandon 206 Windemere Road Wilmington $319,000
Co-Broke Allen LaCoe 6922 Farrington Farms Drive Wilmington $197,500
Lois Potraz Co-Broke Lot 93 Avendale Hampstead $229,956
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 1084 Cornell Court Leland $69,900
Lois Potraz Lois Potratz 6211 Red Cedar Road Wilmington $369,900
Jeff Hovis Co-Broke 718 N 5th Avenue Wilmington $39,000
Jeff Hovis Co-Broke 720 N 5th Avenue Wilmington $59,000
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 1433 Avenel Drive Wilmington $625,000
Toni Mims-Bowman Co-Broke 5107 Lamppost Circle Wilmington $79,000
Joyce Barnwell Co-Broke 5821 Harbor Breeze Drive Wilmington $320,000
Co-Broke Susan Keck 100 Hickory Circle Hampstead $217,900
Teresa Hill Co-Broke 337 Mercer Avenue Wilmington $139,900
Lois Potrazt Co-Broke 101 Dogwood Circle Hampstead $399,000
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 3935 Appleton Way Wilmington $169,900
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 576 Steele Loop Wilmington $248,000
Lois Dixon Co-Broke 7464 Thais Trail Wilmington $152,000
Co-Broke Hugh MacRae 311 5th Avenue S Wilmington $595,000
Co-Broke Angie Pool 1809 Glen Eagles Lane Wilmington $359,000
Co-Broke Gail Bailey 100 Gum Branch Road Burgaw $189,900
Betsy Leonard Kathy Foster/Nicole Valentine 409 Church Street Wilmington $324,000
Co-Broke Grace Schroeder 1792 Hideaway Road SW Ocean Isle Beach $79,900
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 303 New Bern Avenue Surf City $285,000



April 2016 Area Events

4/2-3: Coastal Living Show, Wilmington

4/6-10: Annual NC Azalea Festival, Wilmington

4/9: 20th Annual Chowder Cookoff, Carolina Beach

4/9-10: Azalea Festival Historic Home Tour, Wilmington

4/16: Oak Island Lighthouse Run/Walk, Oak Island

4/14-17: Master Gardener Plant Sale, The Arboretum

4/23: British Motor Club of the Cape Fear, Wrightsville Beach

4/23-24: Days at the Docks, Holden Beach

4/30: 2016 Kure Beach Street Festival, Kure Beach

For more April area events in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and Pleasure Island, click here. For more events in the Oak Island / Southport area, click here. For more events in the Ocean Isle Beach, Sunset Beach, and Holden Beach areas, click here. Bookmark this page on our website for easy access to all of these events throughout the month of April.

Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 3/17/2016

Written:  $20,342,588  Units:  67

Closed:    $14,460,147  Units:  34

Listings:   $10,269,500  Units:  36


Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Bobby Brandon Mark Bodford 419 Strada Street Wilmington $174,500
Co-Broke Michelle Clark 1306 Portside Lane Wilmington $325,000
Nicole Valentine Bobby Brandon 7409 Fisherman Creek Drive Wilmington $648,500
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 766 Timber Lane Wilmington $199,000
Jeff Whitfield Co-Broke 1122 Ocean Blvd W Holden Beach $655,000
Sarah Burris Eva Elmore 830 Shinn Point Road Wilmington $539,000
Joseph Dalton Co-Broke 408 Stanford Court Maysville $234,900
Co-Broke April Congleton 4316 Peeble Drive Wilmington $269,900
Co-Broke Bea Desmond 826 Blue Point Drive Wilmington $429,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 201 Crooked Creek Lane Wilmington $179,900
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 4162 Woodstock Drive Wilmington $195,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4326 Eleuthera Lane Wilmington $155,320
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 527 Albemarle Court Wilmington $206,900
Claire Reddick Michelle Clark 8044 Reunion Road Wilmington $349,900
Bobby Brandon Co-Broke 8833 Plantation Landing Drive Wilmington $265,000
Cindy Southerland Co-Broke 6352 Lenoir Drive Wilmington $224,900
Laura Fitzhugh Co-Broke 4031 Darrow Drive Leland $190,520
Bobby Brandon Buzzy Northen 149 Central Boulevard Wilmington $205,000
Gwen Hawley Co-Broke 119 Cove Side Lane Hampstead $349,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 4148 Appleton Way Wilmington $229,000
Co-Broke Joy Morgan 151 E Lake Emerald Drive Wilmington $244,900
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 2351 Country Club Drive Hampstead $199,900
Co-Broke Jimmy Hopkins 105 Tennessee Avenue #402 Carolina Beach $159,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2115 Princess Place Drive Wilmington $114,900
Angie Pool Jonathan Kent 102 Cliffside Drive Wilmington $174,500
Angie Pool Co-Broke 7915 Cumberland Place Wilmington $384,900
Co-Broke Joy Morgan 321 Kerr Avenue #122 Wilmington $127,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2659 Empie Drive Leland $379,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 206 Bayfield Drive Wilmington $379,000
Joe Fox Co-Broke 822 Hillside Drive Wilmington $184,000
Co-Broke Melissa Lester 3516 Kirby Smith Drive Wilmington $250,000
Keith Beatty Lois Potratz 514 Upland Drive Wilmington $259,900
Mark Bodford Mark Bodford 702 S Lake Park Blvd Carolina Beach $999,900
Juan Santos Co-Broke 805 Autumn Leaves Court Wilmington $144,500
Co-Broke Vance Young 7921 Bonaventure Drive Wilmington $519,000
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 210 Camber Drive Castle Hayne $304,500
Rodney Harris Co-Broke 8710 New Forest Drive Wilmington $324,900
Margery Jordan Co-Broke 109 Breeland Court Wilmington $200,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 4122 Appleton Way Wilmington $425,000
Co-Broke Shirley James 304 Wilson Avenue Carolina Beach $195,000
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 2402 Middle Sound Loop Road Wilmington $100,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 417 Black Diamond Drive Wilmington $369,900
Joy Morgan Co-Broke 4105 Mangum Drive Wilmington $424,900
Toni Mims-Bowman Bob McCorkle 342 Knollwood Drive Hampstead $149,500
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 1203 Moxie Way Wilmington $399,500
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 100 Spencer Farlow Boatslip #5 Carolina Beach $35,000
Jimmy Hopkins Co-Broke 217 E Henry Street Atkinson $134,900
Co-Broke Vance Young 2013 Scrimshaw Place Wilmington $1,149,000
Vance Young Vance Young 1626 Harbour  Drive Wilmington $8,400
Sandra McNeil Sandy Ledbetter 1609 N New River Drive Surf City $399,000
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 953 Tower Court #A Topsail Beach $299,000
Sandy Ledbetter Co-Broke 1121 Ocean Blvd Topsail Beach $549,000

Featured Recipe: Creamy Caramelized Leek Soup with Maple Glazed Bacon

What You’ll Need

  • 6 cleaned and trimmed leeks (about 4 cups), sliced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 2 tablespoons brown sugar
  • 1 bulb roasted garlic
  • 1/3 cup dry white wine
  • 4 cups low-sodium chicken stock
  • 2/3 cup half and half
  • 2 green onions, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil for drizzling
  • 4 slices thick-cut bacon
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup


Make sure the leeks have been trimmed, rinsed thoroughly and patted as dry as they can be with a paper towel.

Heat a large pot over medium-low heat and add the olive oil and butter. Add the leeks, salt, pepper and crushed pepper flakes and toss well to coat. Cook, stirring every few minutes, until the leeks begin to brown, about 20 to 25 minutes. Once the leeks are starting to brown, stir in the brown sugar and cook for another 10 minutes until they are super caramelized. Stir in the roasted garlic. Increase the heat slightly to medium and add the wine. Stir to combine, then cook for a few minutes until most of the wine cooks off. Pour in the stock and stir. Bring the soup to a boil, then reduce to a simmer and cook for 15 minutes.

Turn off the heat and carefully add the entire mixture to a blender and puree until smooth. Pour the pureed soup back in the pot and heat it over low heat. Stir in the half and half, then tasted and add more salt and pepper if desired. Serve the soup with a sprinkle of green onions, a drizzle of olive oil and a handful of crushed maple bacon.

Maple Glazed Bacon:

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place a nonstick wire rack on top. Bake for 18 to 20 minutes, until bacon is starting to get crispy in parts and the fat is rendered. Remove the bacon from the oven and brush it on both sides with maple syrup. Bake for another 6 to 8 minutes until the bacon is crispy and dark. Remove from the oven and brush with maple syrup once more, then let cool completely. Once cooled, crushed into bits.

Download the recipe

TOTAL TIME: 1 hour


Recipe Courtesy of How Sweet It Is

Lip Sync For A Cure

Join Potratz & Associates on Saturday April 14th at 6:30 and participate in a Lip Sync battle to benefit the American Cancer Society/Relay For Life.

Come perform by yourself, as a duet, or as a group to your favorite song and participate in the hottest lip sync battle at the beach. The more the merrier and props are welcome for your act.

Too bashful to sing? Come on out and cheer on your favorite performers and have a wonderful time. There will be awesome drink specials courtesy of Banks Channel Pub & Grille and the event will be filled with drawings & other fun activities.

$5 donations are encouraged

Bring your serious or your silly sync, but whatever your style of sync is Make Sure You BRING IT and be entered to win the $150 visa card grand prize and the $50 visa card for 1st place.

Register at the event and all proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society.

See you there!

Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 3/10/2016

Listing:  $18,366,250    50 Units

Contract:  $20,291,665  63 Units

Closed:  $8,036,558  24 Units


Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Mary Kruszon Co-Broke 132 Egret Point Road Wilmington $200,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 6019 Pine Laurel Drive Wilmington $302,900
Joyce Barnwell Co-Broke 1509 Carolina Beach Avenue N #E-2 Carolina Beach $185,900
Co-Broke Mary Kay Burke 205 Raleigh Avenue Carolina Beach $180,000
Eva Elmore Zander Koonce 523 S 3rd Street Wilmington $200,000
Carla Lewis Eva Elmore/Diane Thomas 5430 Reserve Drive Wilmington $389,900
Robi Bennett Rainelle Mishoe 818 Fox Ridge Lane Wilmington $479,900
Susan Lacy Co-Broke 349 Kure Dunes Kure Beach $529,999
Susan Lacy Co-Broke 1016 Natural Springs Way Leland $340,000
Keith Beatty Brigitte Simone 2277 Adams Street Wilmington $131,000
Co-Broke Karen Moran-Germ 713 Indica Court #302 Wilmington $121,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 6412 Westport Drive Wilmington $980,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1000 Garden Club Leland $224,900
Clare Kiley Co-Broke 4719 Silva Terra Drive Wilmington $160,000
Angie Pool Co-Broke 8607 Orchard Loop Road Leland $142,500
Brigitte Simone Co-Broke 5118  Lampost Circle Wilmington $79,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2627 Mariners Way Southport $699,000
Michelle Clark Michelle Clark 6138 Timber Creek Lane Wilmington $660,000
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 217 N Fort Fisher Blvd #A Kure Beach $449,000
Robi Bennett Co-Broke 1500 Carolina Beach Ave #C2 Carolina Beach $199,900
Carla Lewis Angie Pool 210 M Avenue Kure Beach $364,900
Co-Broke Harper Fraser/Joe Fox 911 N 6th Street Wilmington $32,500
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 404 Marsh Oaks Drive Wilmington $494,000
Joyce Vietto Co-Broke 9467 Cottonwood Lane SE Leland $174,500
Co-Broke Karen Berry 355 Knollwood Hampstead $45,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 1117 Lt. Congleton Road Wilmington $357,900
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 1705 S 41st Street #C Wilmington $134,900
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 126 NE 10th Street Oak Island $229,000
Co-Broke Suzanne Nash 114 Hillshire Drive Winnabow $190,000
April McDavid Co-Broke 309 Kure Village Way #2 Kure Beach $454,900
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 4317 Tilson Road Wilmington $264,000
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 1020 Creekside Lane Wilmington $300,000
Co-Broke Diane Thomas 1039 Birch Creek Drive Wilmington $132,500
John Horton Co-Broke 124 Princess Street Wilmington $300,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke Lot 66 Shinnwood West Wilmington $331,900
Amy Brown Co-Broke 4616 Long Leaf Hills Drive Wilmington $215,000
Cameron Brand Co-Broke 394 Robins Nest Road Bolivia $539,900
Co-Broke Jimmy Hopkins 5316 Blue Clay Road Castle Hayne $158,000
Co-Broke Laura Fitzhugh 315 E Beach Drive Oak Island $295,000
Mark Bodford Mark Bodford 104 Sumter Avenue Carolina Beach $399,900
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 610 Holbrooke Avenue Wilmington $159,900

Agent Highlight: Craig Stinson: LIVE LOCAL, LIVE SMALL: Expanding the arts means expanding economic development

Recently, Encore Magazine did a feature on one of our agents, Craig Stinson:

ARTS MEETUP: Craig Stinson (far left) with the Thalian Association staff at a previous Arts in Wilmington meetup; the next one is Wed., Mar. 9 at Art in Bloom. Courtesy photo.

Craig Stinson smiles and gives a little head shake. We have been discussing his project, Arts In Wilmington, and veered into a conversation about what the arts can or can’t do to heal societal ills. It’s oddly refreshing to hear someone actually put forth the idea that one visit to an inner-city school by a dance troupe for a master class might not be the missing element in eliminating prejudice from the world. Maybe “ars gratia artis” (“art for art’s sake”) is the point.

But back to Craig Stinson.

He’s a quiet man with a big smile. More so, he seems genuinely interested in collaborative work and listens attentively to other people’s ideas. Stinson started Arts in Wilmington as a newsletter in February of 2014.

“I just thought it would be fun to send out a newsletter every week with arts events happening,” he says. “I literally had five people the first issue. Two were me, one was my wife,” he says with a smile. “I’m almost at 1,400 subscribers now—by word of mouth.”

So, is Stinson making a living from this? No, he sells real estate by day.

“I just want people to know about the broad spectrum of stuff happening in Pender, Brunswick and New Hanover countiesm” Stinson tells. “Wilmington has one of the best arts scenes for an area this size, and it’s all so community-driven, which I love.”

Stinson has embarked on an interesting journey back to home. He moved away a little over two decades ago and in the meantime worked in arts administration in Washington D.C. and South Carolina. He cites the museum studies concentration at George Washington University as the motivator for persuing his degree there. He also worked with The Smithsonian, The National Endowment for the Arts, the Library of Congress, The Alamo …

“Really?” I interrupt him. “The Alamo? Was your office in the fort?”

He nods and gives me a surprised look.

This segued to South Carolina where he worked as program director for eight years at the South Carolina Arts Commission. “But I wanted to be home—I always wanted to get back to Wilmington,” he explains.

Stinson popped up on my radar about the time he started the newsletter. He was working in the Cucalorus office and we seemed to orbit each other. Then he started organizing networking events with Arts in Wilmington.

“There’s a lot of activity in Wilmington,” he says. “People hear of each other but sometimes they don’t know each other. We started the meetups so people could make that happen.”

Stinson rotates the location of the meetups monthly. He has utilized Flytrap Brewery on 4th Street and TheatreNOW on 10th Street, as well as art galleries like Eclipse at Blue Moon on Racine Drive and Spectrum Art and Jewelry at The Forum.

“Every time we have people come who have said, ‘I’ve never been in here,’” he notes. “They meet the owners, artists, performers. I think a lot of getting people involved is giving them a reference for the amenities in town.” 

He says people then have a relationship with a venue and its location, including knowing where to park. It might sound minor, but it can actually be a pretty major hurdle for a business or venue.

About a month ago Stinson sent a notice seeking nominations for the first Arts in Wilmington Awards. My main inquiry for him was knowing how his newsletters and awards are any different from The Arts Council of WIlmington and New Hanover County. “I don’t give grants,” Stinson says. When Stinson decided to start the awards, rather than reinventing the wheel, he pretty much copied a model he has seen work: The South Carolina Arts Council’s Elizabeth O’Neill Verner Awards. “I want it to be as transparent as possible, [with judging that] has solid credentials behind it,” he explains.

Six categories will be covered in the awards: Arts in Education, Organization, Government, Business/Foundation, Individual, and Individual Artist. Stinson has tapped people from Mississippi, South Carolina, Florida, and DC to judge the nominations. “The plan is to have them reviewed by people outside of the area—who have really solid arts administration backgrounds and people who are not in Wilmington.”

Stinson is quick to point out the categories are open to interpretation. In “Government,” for example, a juror could be someone who is an elected official, or works in government or for a municipality. The “Individual” category presents questions about advocacy for arts, volunteering, fundraising, and arts administration. “They cast a wide net in very specific areas,” he notes.

Outside of joy of recognition for winning an award, Stinson says highlighting exceptional individuals and businesses leads to awareness beyond Wilmington. “Ultimately the arts serve as an ambassador for the town itself,” he says. “From my perspective, it’s an issue of awareness and recognition. [W]e’ve had a long history of community theatre and visual arts. Wilmington has always been an arts city.”

Stinson constantly hears from colleagues in other parts of the country who are surprised at how much happens in Wilmington. His job as a real estate agent makes him think about why people would move here. He says obvious reasons like climate and proximity to the beach and having a cool downtown are one. “But arts is one component of that,” he notes.As we veer toward a conversation about how to measure economic value of the arts in a community, Stinson surprises me again.

“Some people just know they can take classes or get involved in the theatre scene,” he says. “I think if you package the arts well, the economic implications become obvious. If you start from the economic issue of the arts, to me, it takes away from the intrinsic creative value and bravery that the arts engender They show bravery. People don’t understand how . . . intimidating it would be to get up onstage and put yourselves out there in front of people. That translates into all kinds of other aspects of people’s lives (be it starting businesses). You want to talk about economic development? Talk about people who stand on a stage or create a 2D or 3D piece of work, and put it out there for everybody.” 

Stinson says Wilmington could call itself the “live-theatre capital of the East Coast.” He’s right. We have five to seven shows playing any given weekend. “So when you have a concentration of arts or arts activity, it ends up being the vanguard of economic development, in the sense that restaurants and retail pop up around it,” he continues. “Thus, housing values go up and people take pride locally and really reinforces sense of place.”


To nominate someone for an Arts in Wilmington Award, log onto The nomination deadline is April 29.

Arts in Wilmington Meetup
Art in Bloom • 210 Princess Street
March 9, 5:30 p.m. • Free
First 10 people get Art in Bloom T-shirt

Congratulations to our Top Producers for February 2016!

Producers Listing Club- Feb
Listing Agent:  Tee Woodbury $3.6M
Listing Agent & Agent Associate- Buzzy Northen $4.2M
Listing Team-  Vance Young $12.7M

Producers Contract Club- Feb
Contract Agent:  Jane Dodd $2.6M
Contract Agent & Agent Associate- Lois Potratz $2.9M
Contract Team- Keith Beatty $13.6M

Producers Closed Club- Feb
Closed Agent:  David Eggleston Jr. $2.4M
Closed Agent & Agent Associate-  Buzzy Northen $7.9M
Closed Team- Keith Beatty $4.1M

Thursday Update: Properties Under Contract through 3/3/2016

Written:  $12,117,450  Units:  46

Closed:    $13,842,670  Units:  46

Listings:   $9,997,350    Units:  32

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 712 Tanbridge Road Wilmington $519,500
Co-Broke Laura FitzHugh 8547 Heirloom Drive NE Leland $119,700
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 7041 Old Field Road Wilmington $319,000
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 221 Hibiscus Way Wilmington $128,000
Susan Keck Co-Broke 7108 Key Point Drive Wilmington $267,900
Carla Lewis Keith Beatty 6004 Wellesley Drive Wilmington $399,000
Co-Broke Joe Fox/Harper Fraser  207 Bogey Drive Wilmington $219,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 7303 Flintrock Court Wilmington $224,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 1911 Deep Creek Run Wilmington $759,000
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 135 Driftwood Court Wrightsville Beach $389,000
Susan Lacy Bobby Brandon 5319 Dunmore Road Wilmington $379,000
Gail Bailey Co-Broke 524 Chattooga Place Drive Wilmington $179,500
Co-Broke Vance Young 1837 S Moorings Drive Wilmington $749,000
Co-Broke Vance Young 8747 Ramsbury Way Wilmington $299,500
Co-Broke Gwen Hawley 1205 Olmstead Lane Wilmington $639,000
Co-Broke Pam Kersting 100 Plantation Road Wilmington $29,900
Rainelle Mishoe Co-Broke 213 Bayshore Drive Wilmington $78,000
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 404 Willard Street Wilmington $150,000
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 116 Plumtree Lane Wilmington $219,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 3950 Halifax Road Wilmington $195,000
Co-Broke Rainelle Mishoe 6813 Mayfaire Club Drive #302 Wilmington $264,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4906 Pine Street Wilmington $200,000
Co-Broke Cindy Southerland 227 S Front Street Wilmington $184,900
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 816 Bedminister Lane Wilmington $449,900
Melissa Lester Co-Broke 740 Red Fox Trail Hampstead $629,900
Co-Broke Carla Lewis 6412 Shinn Creek Lane Wilmington $225,000
Margery Jordan Lee  Crouch 4809 Alida Place Wilmington $329,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 401 Alabama Avenue #B Kure Beach $399,900
Bob McCorkle Gail Bailey 522 S Kerr Avenue #22 Wilmington $20,000
Co-Broke Courtney Gore 725 Shawnee Trail Wilmington $168,500
Co-Broke Vance Young 4609 Dean Drive Wilmington $169,500
Brigitte Simone Co-Broke 6617 Wedderburn Drive Wilmington $158,900
Gwen Hawley Paula Perkins 909 Wild Dunes Circle Wilmington $449,000
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 1826 Sir Tyler Drive #230 Wilmington $2,600
Angie Pool Angie Pool 1313 Church Street Wilmington $40,900
Co-Broke Marcello Caliva 139 Olde Point Road Hampstead $350,000
Melony  Rice Cameron Brand 1195 Woodbridge Lane Bolivia $23,000
Co-Broke Melony Rice 7383 Hazelstone Lane Leland $224,000
Grace Schroeder Co-Broke 1620 Settlers Way SW Ocean Isle Beach $306,900

6th Annual Cape Fear Beer Festival

Join us for the 6th Annual Cape Fear Beer Festival in historic downtown Wilmington North Carolina. We’re gearing up for a great beer fest that will feature over 100 great American Beers, Ciders and a few Wines. Sample responsibly and taste as many as you like on this epic day of beer.

The Cape Fear Beer Festival is a true beer tasting (and wine) event featuring a wide variety of beer styles from the most creative brew masters in America. We’ll be pouring their tasty creations inside the Wilmington Convention Center along the scenic Cape Fear River.


Saturday March 5, 2016
VIP Admission -12 PM
General Admission – 1-5 PM


Wilmington Convention Center
515 Nutt Street, Wilmington, NC 28401
Parking Available on Site


$40 in Advance
$50 VIP – 12 PM Admission
$50 Day of Beer Festival

21 or older to attend. Attendees must show valid photo I.D at the door. You must be 21 or older to attend this event. No Exceptions! No children, toddlers, infants or strollers are permitted.