Area Events for April 2015

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Check out the Area Events near you for the month of April!

4/2: Spring Eggventure, Wilmington

4/2: Adult Egg Hunt, Leland

4/3: Coastal Birding Cruise, Wrightsville Beach

4/3: Easter Egg Hunt Carnival, Wilmington

4/3-4: Alligator Egg Hunt, Kure Beach

4/4: Family Day at Museum of Coastal Carolina, Ocean Isle

4/4: Easter Family Fun Day, Wilmington

4/4: Egg Hunt for Kids, Leland

4/5: Happy Easter!

4/8-12: 67th NC Azalea Fest, Wilmington

4/9-12: Azalea Fest Cole Bros Circus, Wilmington

4/10-12: Azalea Garden Tour, Wilmington

4/10-12: Azalea Fest Street Fair, Wilmington

4/11: 19th Annual Chowder Cook-off, Carolina Beach

4/11-12: Azalea Fest Historic Home Tour, Wilmington

4/17: 6th Annual Pajama Party, Wrightsville Beach

4/17-19: Waterman Ocean Fest, Wrightsville Beach

4/18-19: SUP Surf Pro-Am, Wrightsville Beach

4/19: Race for the Planet 5K, Kure Beach

4/24-25: Carolina Cup, Wrightsville Beach

4/25: Kure Beach Street Fest, Kure Beach

For more events in Wilmington, Wrightsville Beach, and Pleasure Island, click here.  For more events in the Oak Island / Southport area, click here.  For more events in the Ocean Isle Isle, Sunset Beach, and Holden Beach areas, click here.

Thursday Update: Under Contract through 3/25/15

Under Contract

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Co-Broke Gwen Hawley 702 Nut Bush Court Wilmington $120,000
Zander Koonce Co-Broke 456 Racine Drive #307 Wilmington $45,800
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 305 Coral Drive Wilmington $624,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 820 Ovates Lane Wilmington $296,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 827 Ovates Lane Wilmington $334,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 811 Boca Court Wilmington $357,500
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 1172 Shipyard Blvd Wilmington $114,000
Nicole Valentine Robbie Robinson 1600 Sturdivant Drive #43 Wilmington $184,900
Co-Broke Angie Pool 154 NE 2nd Street Oak Island $239,900
Zander Koonce Co-Broke 328 Harlandale Drive Wilmington $324,900
Co-Broke Phil Brady 1706 Lincoln Road Wilmington $188,000
Jane Dodd Co-Broke 712 Mallard Crossing Drive Wilmington $224,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 104 Watersfield Road Leland $159,900
Phil Brady Co-Broke 3804 Willowick Park Drive Wilmington $297,110
Cameron Brand Co-Broke 1041 Natural Springs Way Leland $380,000
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Co-Broke 201 Fayemarsh Road Wilmington $518,500
Nicole Valentine Jeanne Campbell 301 Smugglers Court Wilmington $169,900
Tom Poston Co-Broke 5813 Wrightsville Avenue #191 Wilmington $189,900
Co-Broke Diane Steelman 95 S Lumina Avenue #6J Wrightsville Beach $600,000
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 3050 Braewood Court Leland $189,900
Lois Potratz Angie Pool 2104 Ainsdale Court Wilmington $479,000
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 904 Twisted Oak Place Wilmington $749,000
Co-Broke Juan Santos 200 Lawton Circle Wilmington $79,900
Co-Broke Joe Fox 1821 Vincennes Place Wilmington $499,000
Co-Broke Zander Koonce 5032 Nicholas Creek Circle Wilmington $429,000
Vance Young Betsy Leonard 1565 Hawthorne Road Wilmington $109,900
Co-Broke Bobby Brandon 428 Bayshore Drive Wilmington $274,000
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 2307 Mimosa Place Wilmington $399,900
Co-Broke Eva Elmore 101 Stoneybrook Road Wilmington $409,000
Co-Broke Jane Marr 1918 Knollwood Drive Wilmington $379,000
Joy Morgan Co-Broke 5575 Sun Coast Drive Wilmington $212,400
Alicia Devereaux Alicia Devereaux 505 Sandman Drive Kure Beach $577,500
Keith Beatty Paula Ferebee 6521 Fawn Settle Drive Wilmington $260,760
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 110 3rd Avenue S Kure Beach $179,000
Gwen Hawley Co-Broke 216 Fairford Castle Hayne $148,500
Margery Jordan Co-Broke 5565 Sun Coast Drive Wilmington $231,300
Co-Broke Robbie R./Trey W. 697 Sunset Drive SE Bolivia $99,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 826 Riddick Court Wilmington $289,900
Eva Elmore Co-Broke 2033 Graywalsh Drive Wilmington $514,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2501 Hawes Court Wilmington $149,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 4602 Andros Lane Wilmington $149,270
Keith Beatty Zander Koonce 419 Vallie Lane Wilmington $193,500
Keith Beatty Paula Perkins 8518 Emerald Dunes Road Wilmington $115,000
Co-Broke Chris Hoskins 609 John D Barry Drive Wilmington $214,750
Grace Schroeder Co-Broke 1648 Gores Landing Road SW Ocean Isle Beach $305,000

Southport, Happiest Seaside Town!

Coastal Living Magazine has named Southport, NC as one of the top 10 finalist for their contest of ‘America’s Happiest Seaside Town.’ I can’t think of a more accurate statement to describe this coastal town.

I moved to Southport, NC nine years ago from the Washington DC area. To say it was a culture shock is an understatement! I came from a large city that was non-stop hustle and bustle. I was now living in a small Southern town that moved along on Island time. It took a little while for me to acclimate to this new style of living, but it was the best decision I have ever made!

Walking down the tree-lined streets feels like I’m stepping onto the set of a movie. That may be because Southport has been the backdrop to multiple movies and shows. Safe Haven, I Know What You Did Last Summer and A Walk to Remember are just a few of the movies filmed here.

The picturesque town is just the beginning of the allure of this little fishing village. The people who live here are just as charming as the place they call home. When I first moved here I couldn’t understand why strangers would just walk up to me and start chatting. Coming from the city, I thought they wanted something from me or they had an ulterior motive. As I relaxed, and my outer shell softened, I realized they were just being nice. Wow, these people actually took the time to get to know their neighbors! They were living out the old saying, “stop and smell the roses”. What a novel concept! Imagine actually caring about the strangers in your community. You don’t know them personally, you don’t play golf with them every Thursday. Still, these strangers are interested in how you day has been.

Be sure to vote for our little piece of happiness! Voting ends on March 31.

If you want to experience living in this quaint seaside town which exemplifies Americana plan your trip today and give me a call to help you find a home that lets your happy shine!

Take it from this “Northern” girl, you don’t have to be born in the South to be a Southerner at heart!

Article By:
Laura FitzHugh
Intracoastal Realty
910-477-1124 (direct)

Thursday Update: Under Contract through 3/18/15

Under Contract

Under Contracts
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Keith Beatty Ashley Garner 812 Cheryl Lane Wilmington $199,900
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 309 Windsong Road Wilmington $309,900
Co-Broke Susan Keck 2901 Colonel Lamb Drive Wilmington $164,900
April McDavid Rachel Kastner 4910 Shelley Drive Wilmington $158,000
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 5300 Dawning Creek W ay Wilmington $189,900
Micheal Pirkey Co-Broke 707 E Nash Street Southport $215,000
Co-Broke Susan Lacy 5614 Chelon Avenue Wilmington $489,000
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 1405 Eastbourne Drive Wilmington $316,350
Co-Broke Jeff Terry 400 Virginia Avenue #305B Carolina Beach $179,000
Don Harris Co-Broke 7225 Nordic Drive Wilmington $163,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 7027 Cayman Court Wilmington $465,000
Paula Perkins Co-Broke 2016 Ashland Court Wilmington $275,000
Co-Broke Tee Woodbury 301 East Renovah Circle Wilmington $424,500
Sharon Pate-Batts Co-Broke 149 Olde Point Road Hampstead $280,000
Co-Broke Deb Hays 108 Stonehead Court Wilmington $357,500
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 2211 Gibson Avenue Wilmington $254,900
Co-Broke Paula Perkins 619 Wild Dunes Circle Wilmington $387,500
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 4156-F Breezewood Drive #202 Wilmington $99,000
Co-Broke Carla Wiechman 1632 Tall Ships Lane Wilmington $299,900
Co-Broke Argie Franck 5914 Oleander Drive Wilmington $600,000
Co-Broke Sharon Brock 8911 Sedgley Drive Wilmington $269,900
Nicole Valentine Nicole Valentine 6233 Chalfont Circle Wilmington $175,500
Vance Young Co-Broke 1904 Fernwood Way Wilmington $274,900
Bob McCorkle Co-Broke 2820 Valor Drive Wilmington $154,900
Jane Dodd Co-Broke 606 Salo Street Wilmington $286,900
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 710 Kelly Road Wilmington $209,900
Co-Broke Michelle Clark 203 Crooked Creek Lane Wilmington $209,000
Bob Fannon Co-Broke 1261 Wellington Avenue Wilmington $50,000
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 5025 Dockside  Drive Wilmington $579,140
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 100 Turtle Cay Drive #1 Wilmington $136,500
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 343 Lido Drive Wilmington $239,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 1101 S Lake Park Blvd #A18 Carolina Beach $234,500
Vance Young Vance Young 2113 Anson Drive Wilmington $399,000
Co-Broke Cara Lewis 5704 Courtland Palce Wilmington $429,900
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 610 Mohican Trail Wilmington $159,500
Co-Broke Shirley James 103 Summer Salt Lane Carolina Beach $290,000
Nicole Valentine Nicole Valentine 321 Gregory Road Wilmington $115,000
Angie Pool Nicole Valentine 6253 Chalfont Circle Wilmington $669,000
Susan Keck Co-Broke 3932 Brinkman Drive Wilmington $162,500
Ruby Verricchia Co-Broke 231 NE 66th Street Oak Island $79,000
Linda Register Linda Register 12 Schooner Drive #D-3 Ocean Isle Beach $152,000


Thursday Update: Under Contract Through 3/11/15

Under Contract

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price  
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 3711 Merestone Drive Wilmington $115,449
Co-Broke Jimmy Hopkins 139 Horne Place Drive Wilmington $164,900
Co-Broke Nicole Valentine 554 Grande Manor Court #206 Wilmington $299,000
Lee Crouch Vance Young 4010 – 4110 Carolina Beach Road Wilmington $1,685,000
Penny Tillery Eva Elmore 3605 St Johns Court #B Wilmington $79,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 9729 Wayne Street NE Leland $118,500
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 206 Windemere Road Wilmington $215,000
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 311 S Front Street Wilmington $1,300,000
Co-Broke Angie Pool 693 Stone Chimney Road SW Supply $289,000
Laurie Rogers Co-Broke 810 Cape Fear Blvd Carolina Beach $290,000
Melissa Lester Co-Broke 4640 Laver Drive Wilmington $340,000
Bob McCorkle Bob McCorkle 168 Up the Branch Road Delco $58,700
Co-Broke Nan Weiss 609 Kings Arms Court Wilmington $224,900
Pam Kersting Co-Broke 715 N 4th Street #303 Wilmington $185,000
Keith Beatty Betsy Leonard 928 Royal Bonnet Drive Wilmington $295,000
Zander Koonce Zander Koonce 617 Elfin Court Winnabow $99,900
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 531 Maple Branches Drive SE Belville $152,500
Co-Broke Shirley James 1505 Grove Point Road Wilmington $372,500
Co-Broke Melissa Primm 302 G Avenue Kure Beach $229,000
Betsy Leonard Co-Broke 415 Dock Street Wilmington $275,000
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 501 Hitch Court Wilmington $344,000
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 370 E Second Street Ocean Isle Beach $624,900
Joyce Vietto Co-Broke Lot 103 Knollwood Drive Hampstead $45,000
Co-Broke Lisa Wayne 3809 Verdura Drive Wilmington $325,000
Co-Broke April McDavid 205 S 5th Avenue Kure Beach $214,900
Jeff Terry Co-Broke 520 Barksdale Road Wilmington $174,987
Keith Beatty Pam Kersting 3004 Sunnybranch Drive Wilmington $1,295,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 582 Steele Loop Wilmington $309,900
Harper Fraser Co-Broke 231 N Crestwood Drive Wilmington $164,900
Co-Broke Ashley Garner 114 Central Blvd Wilmington $89,900
Bob McCorkle Co-Broke 612 S 14th Street Wilmington $50,700
Rodney Harris Co-Broke 318 Queen Street Wilmington $160,000
Co-Broke Paula Perkins 8508 Hammock Dunes Drive Wilmington $289,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 1760 Corcus Ferry Road Hampstead $975,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 8109 Spring Peeper Lane Wilmington $234,500
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1123 Veranda Court Leland $201,900
Allen Phillips Co-Broke 295 Bonnet Way Southport $145,000
Co-Broke Linda Register 6329 Tall Pines Court Ocean Isle Beach $144,500
Tori Humphrey Co-Broke 3624 Windy Point Road SW Supply $229,000


Thursday Under Contract Update: 3-5-12

Thursday Under Contract Update: 3-5-12
Under Contracts through Wednesday of this Week


Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Keith Beatty Michelle Clark 1211 Verandah Way Wilmington $349,900
Co-Broke Laurie Rogers 738 Tuscan Way Wilmington $301,607
Paula Perkins Diana Holdridge 7104 Trailmark Road Wilmington $360,000
Ginny Tyndall Joe Capellini 8327 Vintage Club Circle Wilmington $339,999
Deb Hays Robi Bennett 5470 Wood  Duck Circle Wilmington $285,000
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 214 Heartwodo Drive Hampstead $206,900
Keith Beatty Rainelle Mishoe 2601 Alamance Court Wilmington $245,000
Argie Franck Co-Broke 309 Fair Lakes Drive Wilmington $1,280,000
Chris Hoskins Susan Lacy 12 Merrimac Drive Wilmington $169,500
Co-Broke Vance Young 1402 Amhearst Court Wilmington $179,000
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 314 I Avenue Kure Beach $299,900
Co-Broke Eva Elmore 122 Captains Court Wrightsville Beach $368,500
Jimmy Hopkins Vance Young 6800 Hardscrabble Court Wilmington $579,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1900 Edgemont Lane Wilmington $500,000
Pam Kersting Carla Lewis 6904 Runningbrook Terrace Wilmington $799,900
Co-Broke Vance Young 1818 Vincennes Place Wilmington $449,000
Mchael Pirkey Michael Pirkey 0 Cowpen Landing End Road Wilmington $235,000
Co-Broke Terry Lee 4722 Carya Drive Wilmington $129,900
Co-Broke Lois Potratz 247 Silver Sloop Way Carolina Beach $309,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 1919 Hudson Drive Wilmington $184,900
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 1425 Parkland Way Leland $188,800
David Eggleston Ashley Garner 2201 Gibson  Avenue Wilmington $239,500
Zander Koonce Zander Koonce 1351 Regatta Drive Wilmington $799,900
Co-Broke Don Harris 105 Capps Court Wilmington $110,000
Jeff Terry Alicia Devereaux 504 Alabama Avenue Carolina Beach $104,500
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 825 Riddick Court Wilmington $279,900
Lois Potratz Co-Broke 517 John S Mosby Drive Wilmington $369,900
Michelle Clark Co-Broke 512 Charlotte Avenue Carolina Beach $275,000
Co-Broke Gwen Hawley 1612 Landfall Drive Wilmington $655,800
Jimmy Hopkins David Eggleston Jr 325 Foxhall Court Wilmington $255,000
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 19 Northwood Drive Wilmington $149,900