Thursday Under Contract Update: 12-18-14

Under Contracts 12-18-14

Properties put under contract through Wednesday of this week

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town
Angie Pool Michelle Clark 6338 Oleander  Drive #12 Wilmington
Tee Woodbury Co-Broke 2301 Oleander Drive Wilmington
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 131 Pamlico Drive Holly Ridge
Nicole Valentine Deb Hays 3115 Kirby Smith Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Harper Fraser/Joe Fox 4628 Westgate Road Wilmington
Co-Broke Lee Crouch 2331 Tattersalls Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Susan Keck 2901 Colonel Lamb  Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Sharon Pate-Batts 7612 St Clair Drive Wilmington
Wendy Fincher-Hughes Co-Broke 211 N Cardinal Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Dolly Armstrong 559 Turtle Hill Drive Watha
Carla Lewis Susan Lacy 818 Lambrook Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Pam Kersting L 25 S 32 Oakdale Road Boiling Spring Lakes
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 968 Birch Creek Wilmington
Ashley Garner Michelle Clark 1129 Essex Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Robbie Robinson/Trey Wallace 0 North Drive Rocky Point
Co-Broke Robbie Robinson 401 Triton Lane Holly Ridge
Co-Broke Sandra McNeil 7410 Promontory Court Wilmington
Diane  Thomas Diane Thomas 4212 Stratton Village Lane Wilmington
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 753 Liberty Landing Way Wilmington
Co-Broke Dolly Armstrong 1525 Salty Bay Landing Wilmington
Ashley Garner Co-Broke 708 N Ft Fisher Blvd Kure Beach
Rodney Harris Co-Broke 8724 Fazio Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 5900 Laver Drive Wilmington
Co-Broke Paula Perkins 8804 Olympic Lane Wilmington
Renee Yost Co-Broke 1105 W Oak Island Drive Oak Island
Steve Muse Co-Broke 212 NE 62nd Street Oak Island


November 2014 Top Producers

Intracoastal Realty Announces Top Agents and Producers Club

Intracoastal Realty recently announced their top producers for the month of November. Vance Young won Closed Volume Team of the Month with $9.6M in sales and Rainelle Mishoe won Closed Volume Agent of the Month with $2.6M in sales. Keith Beatty won Listing Team of the Month with $7.6M in new listings and Argie Franck won Listing Agent of the Month with $3.1M in new listings. Keith Beatty won Under Contract Volume Team of the Month with $9.2M in contracts and Jeff Hovis won Under Contract Volume Agent of the Month with $3.1M in contracts.

Wilmington – Lumina Station Office: Top selling, under contract, and listing team was Keith Beatty. Top selling agent was Rainelle Mishoe. Top listing agent was Argie Franck. Top under contract agent was Jeff Hovis.

Wrightsville Beach Office: Top selling and under contract team was Vance Young. Top listing team was Michelle Clark. Top listing and selling agent was Tee Woodbury. Top under contract agent was Eva Elmore.

Carolina Beach Office: Top selling and listing agent was Joyce Barnwell. Top under contract agent was April McDavid.

Oak Island Office: Top under contract agent was Renee Yost.

Ocean Isle Beach Office: Top selling agent Edwina St. PIerre. Top listing agent was Linda Register. Top under contract agent was Johnny Gaddy.

New Homes & General Brokerage: Top selling and under contract team was Jimmy Hopkins. Top listing and under contract agent was Nicole Valentine. Top selling agent was Rodney Harris.

Joining the Multi-Million Dollar Club with at least $3M in closed volume through November 2014 is: Paula Perkins, David Eggleston, Wendy Fincher-Hughes, Jeff Terry, Connie Parker, and Karen Moran-Germ.

What Are Closing Costs?

What exactly are closing costs and how much are they?

I am asked this question a lot.

Closing cost is all combined costs, other than the purchase price, that is associated with purchasing the property. Closing cost include lender fees such as commitment fee, application fee, appraisal fee, tax service fee, flood certificate fee, credit report fee, lender’s title fee, etc. Other cost can include home inspection fee, closing attorney fee, recording fee, termite inspection fee and survey fee.

One way to check on costing cost ahead of time is to have a lender run a Closing Cost Worksheet for you so you can see what the estimated cost will be before you purchase your home so you do not have any surprises.

My team and I have been helping buyers successfully purchase homes for over 20 years. If you have questions concerning closing cost, please give us a call and we will be happy to address your question or we can put you in touch with one of our preferred lender that can answer any questions you may have about lending cost and the lending process.

Go to my web site to view local videos.

Bobby Brandon
Intracoastal Realty

Thursday Under Contract Update: 12-11-14

Thursday Update: Under Contracts
Listings placed under contract through Wednesday
Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price 
Co-Broke Tee Woodbury 4210 Wilshire Blvd #306B Wilmington $59,000
Co-Broke Susan Keck 6511 Red Bay Court Wilmington $103,000
Hugh MacRae Hugh MacRae 15 Stone Street #A Wrightsville Beach $895,000
Co-Broke Bob McCorkle 210 Princess Street Wilmington $179,900
Margery Jordan Co-Broke 188 E Winding Way Wallace $379,900
Joyce Barnwell Co-Broke 145 E Lake Emerald Drive Wilmington $205,000
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 6013 Laver Drive Wilmington $321,957
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 1813 Prestwick Close Wilmington $324,900
Nicole Valentine Co-Broke 426 Windemere Road Wilmington $185,000
Carla Lewis Co-Broke 118 Beagle Trail Wilmington $1,100,000
April McDavid April McDavid 4025 Hons Trail Wilmington $134,500
Joyce Barnwell Joyce Barnwell 1422 Bonito Lane #2 Carolina Beach $385,000
Andrew Kelly Co-Broke 205 Fayetteville Avenue #2 Carolina Beach $335,000
Co-Broke Jeanne Campbell 2127 Echo Lane Wilmington $309,900
Suzanne Nash Co-Broke 7222 Market Street Wilmington $1,300,000
Co-Broke Diana Holdridge 129 Hayfield Court Wilmington $315,900
Bobby Brandon Keith Beatty 8710 Mollys Court Wilmington $322,400
Sandra McNeil Co-Broke 6430 Lenoir Drive Wilmington $215,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 824 Ovates Lane Wilmington $271,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 129 Kellyville Road Rocky Point $39,900
Co-Broke Vance Young 613 Dundee Drive Wilmington $1,400,000
Lee Crouch Co-Broke 1940 Hillsboro Road Wilmington $304,900
Co-Broke Zander Koonce 617 Elfin Court Winnabow $110,000
Keith Beatty Keith Beatty 1721 Tearthumb Court Wilmington $506,500
Co-Broke Vance Young 6005 Wellesley Drive Wilmington $599,900
Co-Broke Sharon Pate-Batts 7612 Saint Clair Drive Wilmington $264,000
Joyce Barnwell Alicia Devereaux 1503 Mackerel Lane Carolina Beach $115,000
Joyce Barnwell Joyce Barnwell 2801 Bloomfield Lane #301 Wilmington $79,900


Thursday Under Contract Update: 12-4-14

Thursday Update: Under Contracts 12/4/14

Listings placed Under Contract through Wednesday of this week

Selling Agent Listing Agent Property Address Town List Price
Co-Broke Bob McCorkle 210 Hillman Drive Wilmington $196,500
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 6213 Twin Magnolias Wilmington $674,900
Co-Broke Phil Brady 206 Brookview Road Wilmington $119,000
Co-Broke Betsy Leonard 665 Blue Point Road Wilmington $425,000
Co-Broke Alicia Devereaux 306  N Lake Park Blvd Carolina Beach $214,900
Keith Beatty Jimmy Hopkins 1310 Pinfish Lane Carolina Beach $469,900
Alicia Devereaux Co-Broke 222 N 4th Avenue Kure Beach $129,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 2852 New Savannah Road Burgaw $34,550
Joyce Vietto Diana Holdridge 1506 Bexley Drive Wilmington $269,000
Co-Broke Suzanne Iazetta 1844 Brierwood Road Wilmington $149,000
Keith Suttle Susan Lacy 818 Lambrook Drive Wilmington $339,000
Bobby Brandon Joyce Barnwell 2833 Berry Patch Court Castle Hayne $159,500
Co-Broke April McDavid 1504 Canal Drive Carolina Beach $279,900
Co-Broke Joe Fox 1508 Ann Street Wilmington $65,000
Co-Broke Zander Koonce 293 Ennett Lane Sneads Ferry $288,937
Zander Koonce Co-Broke 801 N 4th Street #306 Wilmington $179,900
Connie Parker Co-Broke Lot 35 Matteo Court Wilmington $279,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 153 Fallbrook Lane Rocky Point $189,900
Susan Keck Co-Broke 5516 Dawning Creek Way Wilmington $218,000
Co-Broke Keith Beatty 2305 Oasis Drive Wilmington $609,900
Keith Beatty Co-Broke 919 Schloss Street Wrightsville Beach $1,914,000
Co-Broke Joyce Barnwell 305 Settlers Lane Kure Beach $369,000
Jeff Terry Jeff Terry 236 Peiffer Avenue Wilmington $124,320
Co-Broke Buzzy Northen 168 Beach Road South Wilmington $1,775,000
Robbie Robinson Lee Crouch 124 Summer Haven Avenue Wilmington $425,000
Vance Young Vance Young 4553 Technology Drive #4 Wilmington $159,500
Cathy Riddle Co-Broke 4987 Alamance Drive SE Southport $197,600
Linda Register Linda Register 1685 Hemingway Drive SW Ocean Isle Beach $151,000