About Margaret

Hi!  I’m Margaret! 

I started my journey into this business in 2019, it quickly became evident to me that I was passionate about pursuing a career as a real estate agent. 

Having bought and sold a few houses, as well as build one of them, I understand the emotional complexity of buying and selling a home. The process can be thrilling and stressful all at the same time. Let me reassure you that my job is to stand by your side and help you throughout the entire process. Real estate to me is not about the transactions but about the relationships. My focus is on you, my client and providing you with the highest level of service possible that last long past closing.

Prior to real estate I had a successful career as a nutritionist and personal trainer. I love helping others, especially when they have a goal that they’re trying to achieve. The clientele may be different but what’s not different is my ability to find my clients goals and keep their best interest at heart.

About me:

Real estate has always been a dream of mine since I was in my early 20s. I went ahead and studied botany in college and ended up as a wedding consultant and  make up artist. I then needed to accomplish yet another goal for myself, so I study nutrition and engaged in personal training. The two were a perfect match. From there I decided to pursue my original goal that was long left in the dust and here I am! A real estate agent, eager to work for you!