Relocation Tips

Relocation Tips

Planning your move isn’t all that easy, some things always seem to get left behind. Even some of the smallest but most important details end up “falling through the cracks.” Here is a list of some of the most frequently forgotten items.

  1. Forwarding Addresses. Make sure that family and friends have your new address and phone number. Keep this on hand for yourself when arranging the forwarding of periodicals, credit card bills, mail, etc.

  2. Old Phone Numbers. Keeping an old phone book could be helpful in your new home when having to tie up loose ends from the new location and to contact old friends and acquaintances.

  3. Pick-up Items. Don’t forget to check dry cleaners, pharmacies and other businesses you may have items needing to be picked up.

  4. Safe-Deposit Boxes. Empty the contents of your safe deposit boxes. If you use a bank that is only local to your old location, establish a new checking account to be sure that you have immediate access to your funds.

  5. Medical Records. You should be sure to get copies of all medical records from doctors, clinics, dentists, pharmacies and veterinarians. Vaccination/immunization information for children and/or pets may be needed during or soon after arrival. Contact the American Medical Records Association to find out about your state’s procedure.

  6. School Records. Old school records are needed for registering children for their new schools. Get original records with an embossed seal for the new school. Check your school’s policy on forwarding records; some require that they come directly from the old school.

  7. Last-Minute Cleaning Supplies. After everything is moved out, you’ll want to do a thorough cleaning of your old place. Be sure you have left behind anything needed to help in this process. For larger items such as vacuums, brooms, mops, try asking neighbors if you can borrow these things. This will save you on having to worry about where you’ll pack these items when you’re finished. Another idea is just to hire a cleaning service to take care of the final cleaning for you.

  8. Keys. Remember to leave behind all spare house keys. Check in outdoor hiding places, with family members, neighbors, pet sitters, etc. Label where each key belongs for the new residents.

  9. Garage-Door Opener. Along with your keys, garage door openers will sometimes travel to the new home. Leave it with all gathered keys in your old home.

  10. Pets. Sometimes the least thought item is the beloved family pet. It’s not in the leaving them behind, but in making arrangements to transport them. If relocating by airplane, check with the airline first. They will be able to give you all outlining details about transporting them. Also search for alternatives modes of transportation for your pets. Groups such as the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association offer special options for relocating your pet(s).